WIT Drinks at LHCb (International Women Day Drinks)Cancelled

3894/R-008 (CERN)



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LHCb is one of the four biggest experiments of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The LHCb experiment is an international collaboration of around 1200 members from 73 institutes in 16 countries across the globe.

Interesting fact, that other LHC experiments surround the entire collision point with layers of sub-detectors, like an onion, but the LHCb detector stretches for 20 metres along the beam pipe, with its sub-detectors stacked behind each other like books on a shelf.

Join us in this unique opportunity to learn more about these components. The visit will be organized as follows:

  • At 17h we will meet in the parking place outside point 8, where the LHCb detector is located. It will be possible to visit the LHCb surface area, where the LHCb control room is located as well as an exhibition area, just above the detector, where it will be possible to see some detector elements and the latest experimental results. The visit will then move underground, where it will be possible to see the LHCb detector, that currently is being upgraded for the next period of data taking, and the DELPHI (acronym for DEtector for Lepton, Photon and Hadron Identification) detector.  The latter was an experiment operating at the CERN Large Electron Positron collider (LEP).
  • We will then finish the evening in  building 3894/R-008, the previous LHCb room for meetings at PIT, for networking and drinks.

Please, take good note that pregnant women are not allowed in this visit. Closed shoes without high heels are also mandatory. You need to make sure you have your own transport to be able to reach all these buildings.

24 people max are allowed for this visit, so please register!

Visit was kindly organized by LHCb Diversity group.