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Training Blueprint Meeting (Virtual)




The long term sustainability of the research software ecosystem is particularly important for HEP, given that the HL-LHC and other facilities of the 2020s will be relevant through at least the 2030s. The IRIS-HEP Software Sustainability Core (SSC), synergistic with FIRST-HEP and HSF projects,  focuses on activities which promote the long term sustainability of the software and  prepare a workforce with a combination of HEP domain knowledge and advanced software skills. A key component of SSC activity is software training, dissemination of best practices for software, engagement with the wider scientific, cyberinfrastructure and data science communities, and education and outreach. The software skills required fall into two groups. Nearly all researchers need basic programming skills (Python, C++), basic software engineering skills (Unix, git/GitHub/GitLab, continuous integration, performance evaluation) and skills in the core data tools in HEP (e.g. the ROOT data format and analysis framework). More advanced training is then needed (with domain examples!) in parallel programming, efficient software implementations, performance optimization, and machine learning and data science tools. A workforce trained in this range of software skills is the critical ingredient from which the solutions to the computing challenges can grow. The training program is centered around different tiers

In the initial phase, the focus has been primarily on imparting basic programming skills via  Software Carpentries Workshops and also on the more advanced training in parallel programming, machine learning and data science tools via CoDaS-HEP schools. (

The goal of this meeting is to assess the basic training activities done so far, lessons learnt and step towards standardizing it. This should lead to introductory HEP software training curriculum, and a community of instructors, which is seen nationally and internationally as the entrance point into the overall training vision.

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