SNEWS Meeting @ Neutrino2020


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Alec Thomas Habig (University of Minnesota (US)), Clarence Virtue (Laurentian University), Erica Caden (SNOLAB), Kate Scholberg (Duke University), Rafael Lang

A meeting of the SuperNova Early Warning System project, adjacent to the Neutrino 2020 meeting.  With the change to a virtual conference, this meeting will also be virtual.  Keeping to almost the same dates, it will be Friday and Saturday mornings, June 19 and 20.

This workshop is to work on getting SNEWS into the modern era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy, a "SNEWS 2.0", as first discussed at Laurentian University last June.

SNEWS 2.0 meeting registration
  • Abdullah Shehada
  • Alec Habig
  • Alexis Coleiro
  • Aliwen Delgado
  • Amanda Depoian
  • Andrea Gallo Rosso
  • Andrey Sheshukov
  • Anna M. Suliga
  • Aurore Betranhandy
  • Barry Pointon
  • Bhagya Subrayan
  • Cecilia Lunardini
  • Chinami Kato
  • Christine Kraus
  • Christopher Tunnell
  • Clarence Virtue
  • Crystal Burgos
  • Damien Dornic
  • Dan Milisavljevic
  • Danielle Dickinson
  • David Kappesser
  • Dev Ashish Khaitan
  • Erin O'Sullivan
  • Evan O'Connor
  • Frank Wolfs
  • Giulia Pagliaroli
  • Heidi Schellman
  • Hirokazu Sasaki
  • Huaiyu Duan
  • Huiling Li
  • Irene Tamborra
  • Janet Rumleskie
  • Jeanette Snyder
  • Jeff Tseng
  • Jim Kneller
  • John Banovetz
  • Joseph Smolsky
  • Josh Wang
  • Jost Migenda
  • Justin Vasel
  • Kate Scholberg
  • Koji Ishidoshrio
  • Laurie Walk
  • Liangjian Wen
  • Lindley Winslow
  • Luca Pattavina
  • M. Elise McCarthy
  • MacKenzie Warren
  • Manibrata Sen
  • Mark Linvill
  • Marta Colomer Molla
  • Massimiliano Lincetto
  • Mathieu Lamoureux
  • Matthew Strait
  • Maxim Gromov
  • Melih Kara
  • Michal Rigan
  • Nahuel Ferreiro Iachellini
  • Navya Uberoi
  • Niharika Sravan
  • Nirmal Raj
  • Orlando peres
  • Pedro Dedin Neto
  • Peter Denton
  • Rachel Lee
  • Rafael Lang
  • Raimund Strauss
  • Ranjan Laha
  • Remington Hill
  • Ricardo Peres
  • Sebastian Torres-Lara
  • Segev BenZvi
  • Shayne E Reichard
  • Shuai Zha
  • Shunsaku Horiuchi
  • Simon Peeters
  • Skylar Xu
  • Sofia Andringa
  • Spencer Axani
  • Spencer Griswold
  • Tom Sonley
  • Tommy Lam
  • Tomoya Takiwaki
  • Vivek Datar
  • Vladimir Kulikovskiy
  • Xun-Jie XU
  • Yoxara S. Villamizar
  • Yufeng Li
    • 7:00 AM 8:00 AM
      Signal Prediction - Modeling: Modeling
      Conveners: Evan O'Connor, James Kneller (NC State University)
    • 8:15 AM 9:15 AM
      Signal Prediction - Pre-supernova: Pre-supernova

      What would neutrinos cooling the core of a pre-SN star look like?
      Convenors: Cecilia Lunardini, Andrey Sheshukov

      Conveners: Andrey Sheshukov (JINR), Cecilia Lunardini (Arizona State University)
    • 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
      Signal Prediction - Detector Response: Detector Response

      Given a neutrino flux, how to get that modeled in the detectors participating in SNEWS?
      Convenors: Segev BenZvi

      Convener: Segev BenZvi (University of Rochester)
    • 10:40 AM 11:25 AM
      Alert Formation - Implementation: Implementation

      The communications between experiments and SNEWS, and how SNEWS itself is built do to the job.
      Convenor: Alec Habig

      Convener: Alec Thomas Habig (University of Minnesota (US))
    • 7:00 AM 8:15 AM
      Alert Formation - Triangulation and Pointing: Triangulation and Pointing

      What can SNEWS do to point back on the sky to the source of the neutrinos?
      Convenors: Kate Scholberg, Jeff Tseng

      Conveners: Jeffrey Tseng (University of Oxford (GB)), Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
      • 7:00 AM
        Introduction to session 5m
        Speaker: Jeffrey Tseng (University of Oxford (GB))
      • 7:05 AM
        Pointing based on anisotropic interactions 10m
        Speaker: Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
      • 7:15 AM
        Pointing confidence area estimation 15m
        Speakers: Dr Vladimir Kulikovskiy (INFN Genova), marta colomer (km3net)
      • 7:30 AM
        Time measurements from individual experiments 10m
        Speaker: Clarence Virtue (Laurentian University)
      • 7:40 AM
        Pointing with shape information 10m
        Speaker: Jia-Shian Wang (University of Hong Kong (HK))
      • 7:50 AM
        Systematic uncertainties discussion 15m
      • 8:05 AM
        Discussion on Next Steps 10m
        Speaker: Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
    • 8:30 AM 9:30 AM
      Alert Formation - Fire Drills: Fire Drills

      How can we practice doing all this stuff?
      Convenor: Erin O'Sullivan

      Convener: Dr Erin O'Sullivan (Stockholm University)
      • 8:30 AM
        Intro to fire drill overall strategy 10m
        Speaker: Erin O'Sullivan (Stockholm University)
      • 8:40 AM
        Brainstorming - supernova modelling 5m
        Speakers: Evan O'Connor, James Kneller (NC State University)
      • 8:45 AM
        Brainstorming - Detector response 5m
        Speaker: Segev BenZvi (University of Rochester)
      • 8:50 AM
        Brainstorming - Pre-supernova 5m
        Speakers: Andrey Sheshukov (JINR), Cecilia Lunardini (Arizona State University)
      • 8:55 AM
        Brainstorming - implementation 5m
        Speaker: Alec Thomas Habig (University of Minnesota (US))
      • 9:00 AM
        Brainstorming - triangulation 5m
        Speakers: Jeffrey Tseng (University of Oxford (GB)), Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
      • 9:05 AM
        Brainstorming - Multimessenger 5m
        Speaker: Dan Milisavljevic (Purdue University)
      • 9:10 AM
        Brainstorming - Outreach 5m
        Speaker: Justin Vasel (Indiana University)
      • 9:15 AM
        Discussion 15m
    • 9:45 AM 10:30 AM
      Discussion: VR-based informal meeting Hubs


      Two rooms, each of which can hold 40 people. We'll start with the first one, then overflow into the second if needed: You will get validation emails to the account you registered with on indico.

      WAS: Governance, Logistics of operating SNEWS
      But, this will be more fun

    • 10:45 AM 11:15 AM
      Follow-up: Multi- Messenger Follow-Up: Multi- Messenger Follow-Up

      Coordinating the SN followup with things other than neutrinos
      Convenor: Danny Milisavljevic

      Convener: Prof. Danny Milisavljevic (Purdue University)
    • 11:30 AM 12:15 PM
      Follow-up: Outreach & Communication: Outreach & Communication

      Making sure the wider community knows what we're up to.
      Convenor: Justin Vasel

      Convener: Justin Vasel (Indiana University)