• 10:45 AM 11:00 AM
      Vidyo handshake 15m

      Connect and make sure each institute is in contact.

    • 11:00 AM 11:05 AM
      Introduction and warm-up 5m

      Meet the mentors and the groups. Show-of-hands questions may be asked.

    • 11:05 AM 11:15 AM
      Discussion of measurement with each group. 10m

      Junin de los Andes

    • 11:15 AM 11:20 AM
      Discusson of combined results 5m

      How do the combined results compare with results at institutes? What can we get from these results?

    • 11:20 AM 11:30 AM
      "Ask anything" Q&A 10m

      Students ask moderators at Fermilab about any topic from quarks to quick oats.