QM 2022

Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland

AM UJ, Krakow, Poland
Wojciech Florkowski (Institute of nuclear Physics, Krakow) , Krzysztof Redlich (University of Wroclaw) , Barbara Krystyna Wosiek (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))

MOVED TO APRIL 4-10, 2022

Quark Matter 2022 is the XXIXth International Conference on Ultra-relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions. This conference brings together theoretical and experimental physicists from around the world to discuss new developments in high energy heavy ion physics. The focus of the discussions is on the fundamental understanding of strongly-interacting matter at extreme conditions, as formed in ultra-relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions, as well as on emergent QCD phenomena in high-multiplicity proton-proton and proton-nucleus collisions.