26 March 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

ATLAS Repack (Vlado)

26 Mar 2020, 14:00
600/R-001 (CERN)



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ATLAS CASTOR 7TB tape stats

  • Started with 1545 tapes initialy, repacked 683, still to repack 862 = these represent ~6 PB of free space needed
  • We currently have in free supply: 5 PB on LTO-7M (9 TB) in IBMLIB1 and 5 PB of LTO-7M in stock on a pallet (waiting for the Spectra Logic library) + 5.5 PB on IBM JE (20 TB) media
  • In addition we also have 6 PB of free space on IBM JD media (15 TB)


  • Do we continue repack of ATLAS tapes before we migrated them to CTA? (I would say YES to eliminate/postpone/buy time from the pressure to have massive repack working - given the manpower)
  • Do we continue slowly or more agressively? (I can repack 100 tapes/week with 1 output stream (to have nice collocation), how much time we have before ATLAS does a switch? I think at least a month so we could repack it all if we increase the output streams)
  • What destination media we use? (I kept 15 TB tapes unused so we can spread the potential data on multiple streams/media if they are comming fast. With additional LHC delays due to coronavirus that is unlikely, we should be fine with 20 LTO drives + 10 TS1160 drives for any new data. It means that we can fill all 15 TB tapes)

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