May 31, 2007 to June 1, 2007
Europe/Zurich timezone


LHC Point 6

One of the LHC five technical sites around the 26.7 km circumference ring. The 18 kW at 4.5 K refrigerators (QSC/QSR/QURA) are connected to the 2.4 kW at 1.8 K refrigeration units (QSCC/QURC), the associated infrastructure and an interconnection valve box (QUIC) supplying the LHC adjacent machine sectors (2x3.3 km) via a compound cryogenic distribution line installed in the underground tunnel.

CCC: The CERN Control Center

The CERN Control Center where the operation of all CERN accelerators, including machine development work, LHC hardware and beam commissioning, operation of the LHC cryogenics and CERN Technical Support activities are perforned.

See pictures of LHC Point 6 and CCC

Visit of the ATLAS Detector Experiment and Cryogenics (LHC Point 1)

ATLAS is a LHC experiment applying cryogenics at large scale. The superconducting magnet system with cold mass of 600 tons consists of a barrel toroid 25 m in length and 20 m in diameter formed by eight race-track coils, two end cap magnets and a central solenoid. Two refrigerators (6 kW @ 4.5 K, 20 kW @ 40-80 K) are used for its cooling. Three liquid argon calorimeters with cold mass of 600 tons are filled with 84 m3 of liquid argon and cooled with a dedicated 20 KW @ 80 K refrigerator. Proximity cryogenic systems supply the respective coolants to magnets and calorimeters.

See pictures of the ATLAS Detector