May 31, 2021 to June 4, 2021
Europe/Madrid timezone

More light on Higgs flavor at the LHC: Higgs couplings to light quarks through h+γ production

May 31, 2021, 5:48 PM


PhD forum talk + poster PhD Forum


Jose Manuel Cano (IFT UAM-CSIC)


Higgs production in association with a photon at hadron colliders is a rare process, not yet observed at the LHC. We show that this process is sensitive to significant deviations of Higgs couplings to first and second generation SM quarks (particularly the up-type) from their SM values, and use a multivariate neural network analysis to derive the prospects of the High Luminosity LHC to probe deviations in the up and charm Higgs Yukawa couplings through $h + \gamma$ production.

arXiv number (if applicable) 2008.12538

Primary author

Jose Manuel Cano (IFT UAM-CSIC)

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