6 May 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Identify a collaboration area from the candidates discussed

6 May 2020, 16:10


Maria's intro for the discussion. Check conclusions in the Minutes!

During the February 7th brainstorming meeting one finds also in the Summary:

Sarven suggests to take individual notions under the Solid umbrella, that can be adopted by CERN projects, and evolve the specifications based on the problems encountered and documented. The area of notifications is worth exploring further.

Further in the last February notes, the following areas were mentioned as possible candidates for mutual interest, in the framework of WebID-OIDC:
a. Indico
c. the new CERN SSO
d. notifications

As discussed in email:
a. Sir Tim and Michiel saw a collaboration potential for Indico. Michiel wrote about WebID and OIDC. Lets discuss what/how.
c. Solid partners have no access to the Auth/AuthZ White Paper. The question is whether the new CERN SSO (Single Sign On) is important in the coming 6 months for common technical exchanges. If yes, I'll have to introduce our activity to the new CERN SSO developers' team and bring them on-board, because they were not in our meeting... The project won't be operational probably before February 2021. Then I'll check what is the most recent material to send you.
d. You asked about the push notifications service concept. The concept is to inform everyone cross-platform, especially on service incidents with large community impact, independently of each user's working platform. Like Zephyr messages if you remember...

What is realistic to tackle first, knowing the very special period we are living with COVID-19 and the difficulties to fire-fight during teleworking?

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