Virtual Poster Sessions

Virtual Poster Description

The Conference Posters must be one-page and shall contain: poster-title, author Information, institution name/logo, IWARA logo (recommended, you can download it here), e-mail address of author(s) for contacts, short description of the research content, equations (when necessary), results, figures (if necessary), conclusions, references, acknowledgments. Authors may choose one of the following free download Latex templates to elaborate their posters: a0poster Portrait Poster or baposter Portrait Poster or a0poster Landscape Poster or baposter Landscape Poster or Jacobs Landscape Poster or Dreuw & Deselaer’s Poster.

Deadline for posters submission: July 15, 2022

Summary-videos: Participants of the Virtual Posters Sessions may optionally record a 5’ summary-video to promote its content to reach a wider audience. The recorded summary-videos may be submitted by uploading them using a host-service and then sharing the video link by email with Mariana Vargas.

Poster storage: The Conference Posters of the Virtual Posters Sessions, in PDF format, will be stored and become accessible on the IWARA Platform Website via cell phones, computers or tablets.

Videos storage: Recorded videos will be stored and will become accessible in the You Tube IWARA Channel. Please subscribe to the YouTube IWARA Channel to receive notifications.

Live Posters Spotlight Plenary Talks: The event will offer daily Live Posters Spotlight Plenary Talks of selected posters (from ?AM/PM to ?AM/PM (Antigua City time zone)). The authors of the selected posters will have the time of 3’ (+ 30’’ for slide transitions) to present their spotlight talks. The list and schedule of the selected posters will be communicated by mail by September 1st, 2022. The selection process of the posters will be in charge of a Selection Committee.

Guidelines for the Live Posters Spotlight Plenary Talks:

✓Selected participants should prepare a 3-slides PDF contribution. The 1st slide shall contain a presentation of the author with name, e-mail address, affiliation plus institutional logo (recommended), IWARA logo (recommended), photo of the author (recommended), title of the contribution, short abstract. The 2nd slide must contain the main question or problem treated in the contribution and the main approach in finding solutions to the proposed problem. The 3rd shall contain the key result and main conclusions as well as key plots and equations (when it applies).

✓Authors must submit their contributions in PDF format (limited to 5MB file size) by July 15, 2022 to Mariana Vargas, the Coordinator/Moderator of the Virtual Posters Sessions.

✓The Moderator of the Live Posters Spotlight Plenary Talks will concatenate all the 3-slides PDF contributions scheduled for each session and will communicate by e-mail to the participants the order of the presentations in advance.

✓During the presentations of the Live Posters Spotlight Plenary Talks, the Coordinator/Moderator will share the screen with the concatenated contributions and control de change of slides during the presentations. The presenters will share their video and audio only during their spotlight talks.

✓Participants should make sure do not overtake the time assigned. After this time, the Session Moderator will immediately move on to the next presentation and start showing the next slides, and so on.

✓Questions should be posted in the ZOOM Chat Desktop of the plenary sessions, and they will be collected and if time permits will structure the live discussions. All questions will then be forwarded to the presenters by the Moderator of the session. If the number of questions exceeds the discussion-time, the Moderator will select the most relevant ones.

✓The Organizing Committee will use the IWARA digital media platforms as Slack Channels to disseminate the contributions presented and to post asynchronous questions addressed by the participants to the presenters of the sessions. A video-synthesis of the selected contributions will be exhibited during conference break-times of the plenary sessions.

Itzmna Award: To apply to the award, during the abstract submission, participants should inform that they would like to apply for the contest by selecting “I wish to apply for the Itmna Award” option and posteriorly e-mail their PDF version(s) of their poster(s) to Mariana Vargas (maximum 5MB) by July 15, 2022. There will be two categories for the Award, one for Masters and Doctorate students and another for Postdoctoral researchers. In each category, the Evaluation Committee will select three best posters. Additionally, participant of the contest shall upload a 5’ summary-video (mandatory requirement), in addition to the 3-slides described above, for disclosure. To facilitate their identification for the readers and for the Evaluation Committee, competitors must underline their names and indicate their competition category in brackets, after their names, in the format: Name (Master & PhD or Post-Doc).