Jul 18 – 22, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

A search for 7Li solar axions with Li2MoO4 crystals in the AMoRE experiment

Jul 19, 2022, 6:10 PM


Oral presentation (young scientists) Parallel 2B - Axions


Jee Won Seo (University of Science and Technology (UST))


A search for resonance excitation of $^{7}$Li by the solar axion has been studied with the Li$_{2}$MoO$_{4}$ crystals in the AMoRE experiment. The axion is a hypothetical particle proposed to solve the so-called strong CP problem of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). If the axions exist, they could be extensively produced inside the Sun, then can be detected in the inverse reaction of resonance absorption by detecting nuclei. The Li$_{2}$MoO$_{4}$ crystals used as a target and detector for the AMoRE experiment give this mechanism 12% of detection efficiency. The data from 1.6 kg Li$_{2}$MoO$_{4}$ (118.5 g of $^{7}$Li contained) crystals were accumulated using phonon sensors at a few tens mK temperatures for 6.5 months at the Yangyang underground laboratory in South Korea. The detailed analysis procedure and the preliminary results will be presented. Also, the potential backgrounds will be discussed.

Primary author

Jee Won Seo (University of Science and Technology (UST))


Jungho So Moo Hyun Lee (IBS)

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