Searches for Dark Sector Particles with SuperCDMS SNOLAB

by Belina von Krosigk (University of Hamburg)


The Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (SuperCDMS) is a direct Dark Matter search experiment designed to observe nuclear recoils induced by WIMPs. However, it is also sensitive to Dark Matter particle candidates beyond the standard WIMP paradigm, which could create electron recoil signals in the cryogenic silicon and germanium detectors. The pool of candidates is rich and includes Dark Photons, ALPs (axion like particles) and LDM (light Dark Matter) particles. Lacking knowledge of the particles that constitute the dark sector of the Universe it is essential to make the search for them as broad as possible. This talk will give an overview of the versatile dark sector particle search strategies at the upcoming SuperCDMS SNOLAB experiment and will highlight first results with R&D devices as well as the expected science reach of selected searches

Meeting ID: 922 7818 5991
Password: 891864