Sync&Share Federation and Interoperability: OCM next steps


This is the kick-off meeting to discuss how to carry on with the Open Cloud Mesh (OCM). We invite all parties interested in the OCM to participate to this meeting. 


The OCM repository currently lives here:

The past OCM effort has been documented here:

  • Alejandro Unger
  • Alessandro Petraro
  • Andreas Klotz
  • Angelo Romasanta
  • Anna Manou
  • Anthony Leroy
  • Björn Schießle
  • C.D. Tiwari
  • Carina Kemp
  • carla sauvanaud
  • Christian Kracher
  • Christian Schmitz
  • Claudius Laumanns
  • Crystal Michelle Chua
  • Daniel Halbe
  • Daniel Müller
  • Dave Heyns
  • David Antoš
  • David Jericho
  • David Rousse
  • Diogo Castro
  • Eva Gergely
  • Felix Böhm
  • Fergus Kerins
  • Frank Karlitschek
  • Frederik Müller
  • Frederik Orellana
  • Gavin Charles Kennedy
  • Giuseppe Lo Presti
  • Guido Aben
  • Hilary Goodson
  • Holger Angenent
  • Iosif Peterfi
  • Iosif Peterfi
  • Ishank Arora
  • Ivan Andrian
  • Jacek Pawel Kitowski
  • Jakub Moscicki
  • Jan Holesovsky
  • Jarosław Czub
  • jean-thomas acquaviva
  • Jonathan Xu
  • Jörn Dreyer
  • Karsten Asshauer
  • Klaus Scheibenberger
  • Lovisa Matilda Lugnegaard
  • Lukasz Dutka
  • Maciej Brzeźniak
  • Marcin Sieprawski
  • Mario Lassnig
  • Matthias Knoll
  • Michael D'Silva
  • Michał Orzechowski
  • Michiel de Jong
  • Milan Danecek
  • Patrick Maier
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Peter Szegedi
  • Raman Ganguly
  • Rasmus Munk
  • Renato Furter
  • Rene Ranger
  • Ron Trompert
  • Samuel Alfageme Sainz
  • Tilo Steiger
  • Vladislav Makarenko
  • Yoann Moulin
  • Zheng Meyer-Zhao

Summary of actions

More detailed meeting notes will follow later.

We will now focus on producing OCM version 1.0

  •  pull request 37 will be merged on Wednesday 01 July 2020 -- unless there is a veto from someone, Bjoern (author of the pul request) will press the merge button
  •  any remaining necessary tweaks for OCM version 1.0 should be discussed on github before 22.07.2020
  •  we will run a follow up meeting on Wednesday 29.07.2020 at 11 am CEST to produce version 1.0

We will use standard github workflows for accepting the pull requests.

We will run recurrent monthly OCM meetings for technical contributors. This is to checkpoint the progress and produce new versions of the specification.

OCM testing framework activity will start. Michiel de Jong volunteered to lead it.

"OCM users" exchange forum will start. Peter Szegedi will propose how to organize it. Maciej Brzezniak expressed interest to join to represent applications and users workpackage (WP4) of the CS3MESH4EOSC project.




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