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2021 Winter School in Mathematical Physics

Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets

Anton Alekseev (University of Geneva), Maria Podkopaeva (IHES)

Organized by

  • Anton Alekseev (UNIGE)
  • Alberto Cattaneo (UZH)
  • Giovanni Felder (ETH Zürich)
  • Maria Podkopaeva (IHES)
  • Thomas Strobl (U. Lyon 1)
  • Andras Szenes (UniGe).
  • Aliaksandr Hancharuk
  • Andrea Nützi
  • Anna Beliakova
  • Anna Lachowska
  • Anton Alekseev
  • Claudia Rella
  • Danilo Lewanski
  • Daria Smirnova
  • David Maibach
  • Davide Saccardo
  • Donald Youmans
  • Duong Dinh
  • Elise Raphael
  • Florian Naef
  • Francisco Manuel Castela Simao
  • Fridrich Valach
  • Giovanni Canepa
  • Giovanni Felder
  • Hadi Nahari
  • Hamid Afshar
  • Jan Pulmann
  • Jie Gu
  • Joonas Vättö
  • Leonid Parnovski
  • Marcella Palese
  • Marco Meineri
  • Marcos Marino
  • Maria Podkopaeva
  • Matteo Felder
  • Matthias Klöckner
  • Muze Ren
  • Nezhla Aghaei
  • Nicola Andrea Dondi
  • Nicolas Gisin
  • Nicolas Hemelsoet
  • Nikita Nikolaev
  • Nima Moshayedi
  • Noriaki Ikeda
  • Nuno Romao
  • Olga Chekeres
  • Oscar Cosserat
  • Pavol Severa
  • Per Moosavi
  • Pietro Pelliconi
  • Pranjal Nayak
  • Raphael Ducatez
  • Rea Dalipi
  • Sebastiano Martinoli
  • Stefano D'Alesio
  • Tatiana Tikhonovskaia
  • Thomas Strobl
  • Tom Sutherland
  • Tommaso Maria Botta
  • Valérian Montessuit
  • Vito Pellizzani
  • Vladimir Salnikov
  • Weronika Czerniawska
  • Xavier Blot
  • Yiannis Loizides
  • Yoshinori Hashimoto
  • Ödül Tetik
Contact administratif
    • A. Alekseev, "Coadjoint orbits and equivariant localisation in finite and infinite dimensions"
    • M.Mariño, "Resurgence in mathematics and physics"
    • Student talks
      • 1
        Weronika Czerniawska, "What is Arakelov geometry and what does it have to do with Physics?"
      • 2
        Raphaël Ducatez, "A forward-backward random process for the spectrum of 1D Anderson operator"

        Anderson's model in 1 dimension has been studied since the 80's and the location is well understood. Here I propose a new formula for the construction of the eigenvectors which makes the link with the products of independent random matrices. In particular, I show that, with a adapted scaling, eigenvectors behave as the exponential of a Brownian process with a drift, the drift corresponding to the classical localization result. This result is known for the product of independent random matrices but at our knowledge had not been generalized to Anderson's model.

      • 3
        Matthias Kloeckner, "A new characterization of conformal maps in (pseudo-)Euclidean spaces"
      • 4
        Donald Youmans, "BF, Schwarzian theory and Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction"
      • 5
        Danilo Lewanski, "Resurgent Topological Recursion"

        Topological recursion (TR) arose from random matrix models and was promoted to a mathematical theory in 2007. It can be thought as an implementable algorithm which takes as input an object called spectral curve and produces as output the infinite list of numbers which are solution to some enumerative problem. TR is by now applied to Mirror Symmetry, String Theory, Gromov-Witten theory, Hurwitz theory, WKB analysis, Painleve equations, polynomial invariants of knots, Hitchin systems, and more. We will give some accessible example of how it works and what can generate. If time allows, we’ll dive into some conjectural connection with resurgence.

    • M.Mariño, "Resurgence in mathematics and physics"
    • A. Alekseev, "Coadjoint orbits and equivariant localisation in finite and infinite dimensions"