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LHC RRB - Overall timetable

LHC RRB Meeting October 2010

LHC Experiments and World LCG Resources Review Boards

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Computing (CERN (60-6-015))

18th meeting of the LHC Computing RRB

12:00 PM Introduction
Sergio Bertolucci
12:02 PM Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
12:05 PM Status of the WLCG project
Ian Bird
CERN-RRB-2010-089 CERN-RRB-2010-090 (slides)
12:35 PM LHCC Deliberations (paper only)
Emmanuel Tsesmelis
12:40 PM Status of Common Projects Accounts
CERN-RRB-2010-093 (slides)
Thierry Lagrange
12:45 PM Status of Resources and Financial Plan
Sue Foffano
CERN-RRB-2010-094 CERN-RRB-2010-095 (slides)
Status of MoU signatures
Common project resources & budget proposal 2011
Computing Resources Scrutiny Group Report
Domenec Espriu
CERN-RRB-2010-071 Slides
1:30 PM Computing Resources Scrutiny Group in 2011
Sergio Bertolucci
1:35 PM Summary
Sergio Bertolucci