Online "Teaser" to Science Fiction and the Future of Detection and Imaging

3179/R-E06 (CERN)



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Ilana Le Mounier (CREA Geneve), Laura Wirtavuori (Helsinki University of Technology (FI))

This online "Teaser" is a live event to inspire the invited participants to think ahead and embrace themselves for what is to come in the Workshop "Science Fiction and the Future of Detection and Imaging" in November, 2021 at IdeaSquare. There, our intent is to engage participants in 3-4 projects related to detection and imaging and to communicating them to laymen, in an unashaimingly futuristic and speculative setting.

The "Teaser" will set the scene, benefiting from the recent involvement of selected students from CREA Geneve in an assignment made for them, in collaboration with IdeaSquare and the ATTRACT-initiative. The students will be presenting here their inspirational videos related to the use of detection and imaging in the futures possible they have envisioned, followed by Q&A.




  • Alex Wehrlin
  • Anne Charnock
  • Dominik Kis
  • Gemma Milne
  • Ghina Halabi
  • Helen Marshall
  • John Wood
  • Kim Wilkins
  • Laura Wirtavuori
  • Luciana Leveratto
  • Markus Mooslechner
  • Markus Nordberg
  • Neil Maiden
  • Nick Harkaway
  • Pablo Tello
  • Raghu Movva
  • Sarah Kember
  • Silvia Fabiani
  • Simon Guerrier