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Conference on CERN (English)

by Markus Joos (CERN)




A presentation about CERN by one of our CERN guides.

Format of the conference:

  • Content: a presentation about CERN, it´s organization, reasearch, implemented tools and how all this changes your life.
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 40 minutes presentation plus 20 minutes questions and answers.
  • Places: maximum 50 participants to guarantee a fair interaction between you and the speaker
  • Target Audience: all public, from 14 years old, no notion of prior physics required

Before the conference:

  • Register for the Virtual Conference by clicking the "Register" button below.
  • Provide your e-mail address and the link to the Video Conference Room will be sent by e-mail immediately.
  • If there is no more seats, try another date or time.
  • You can test the videoconference system by connecting to our test room that will provide video, sound and sound feedback. 
  • Please use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox. 
    Avoid the following browsers which often cause problems: Safari, Brave.
  • Connect through your web browser, no need to download and install the VidyoConnect app on your computer.
  • For your own comfort, you may download the conference material (Powerpoint, images, videos, etc.) available below to watch it locally on your computer.

On the day and time of the Virtual Conference:

  •  10 minutes before the presentation starts, please join the conference by using the link that was shared with you by mail when you registered.
  • During presentation, please switch off your own camera and microphone but leave the sound on.

    Vidyo Settings
  • You can ask questions by using the In-Call Chat panel (icon on the bottom-right corner).

    Vidyo Chat
  • Thanks for respecting the speaker and other participants.
  • After the conference, please take 2 minutes to fill out the survey by clicking the "Fill out" blue button below. The button will only appear after the conference.

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