Summary of meeting on August 4, 2020

Present: Somiealo, Cyrille, George, Ebode, Kondwani, Toivo, Kétévi, and Aluwani

We agreed to :

  1. Double the data for each countries that we've studied; go 3 to 6 months of data up to mid-September;
  2. Add South Africa. Azwinndini's student, Aluwani, to help with this;
  3. Add Cameroon. Ebode to compile the data of Cameroon;
  4. Update the data format for each country every 2 weeks: August 4, August 18, September 1 and September 15
  5. Analysis codes
  6. At the next meeting, we will do a modeling demo, assuming everyone has a working code, either in Python or C++
  7. Target
  8. South Africa