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14-18 December 2020
Australia/Sydney timezone

Light Dark World 2020 is the fifth meeting of the Light Dark World International Forum. It will be held on December 14-18, 2020, via zoom and is hosted by Sydney-CPPC, the consortium of the particle physics and cosmology groups at the Universities of New South Wales and Sydney. The zoom link for the meeting is https://unsw.zoom.us/j/86793732870?pwd=TEViMkhUbS9YU2tZb29sUk5OT3BrZz09.

Light Dark World 2020 will bring together global experts from experiment and theory to discuss recent advances and develop new opportunities to study new light particles beyond the Standard Model, including light gauge boson, light scalar, light dark matter, axion, axion-like particle, and light sterile neutrinos.

Previous Meetings of the Light Dark World Series are

Plenary speakers:

  • Djuna Croon (TRIUMF)
  • Bertrand Echenard (Caltech)
  • Malcolm Fairbairn (King's College London)
  • Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine)
  • Stefania Gori (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Rebecca Leane (SLAC)
  • Hyun-Min Lee (Chung-Ang U)
  • David Morrissey (TRIUMF)
  • Ciaran O'Hare (U Sydney)
  • Josef Pradler (Vienna, OAW)
  • Yannis Semertzidis (KAIST)
  • Yevgeny Stadnik (IPMU)
  • Michael Tobar (U Western Australia)
  • Jingqiang Ye (Columbia U)
  • Tien-Tien Yu (U Oregon)
  • Yu-Feng Zhou (ITP)

Organizing Committee:

  • Brian Batell (Pittsburgh U)
  • Céline Bœhm (U Sydney)
  • Archil Kobakhidze (U Sydney)
  • Hye-Sung Lee (KAIST)
  • Michael Schmidt (UNSW Sydney)