Jan 10 – 14, 2022
Online only
Europe/London timezone

Instructions for presenters

Plenary and parallel talks


It is imperative that speakers stick to time and session chairs will be instructed to enforce this.

Please allow 5 minutes for discussion and changeover for all plenary talks. The slots are 20', 25', or 30'. The corresponding speaking times are therefore 15', 20', and 25', respectively. We have a live captioning service for plenary talks and sticking to the allocated slots is vital for this to work.

Parallel talk slots are typically 20' with a few 16' slots. These should be interpreted at 15'+5' and 12'+4', respectively. Sticking to time is equally important for parallel talks as it allows delegates to catch their desired talks and it avoids impacting the poster session, dinner or excursions.

Remote presentations

Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that you know how to share your presentation on Zoom. Any delays will have to compensated within your slot.

To avoid a complete loss of a presentation in case of connection issues, we recommend that remote speakers record their talk and make this recording available. This will only be used in case of connection failure and we still expect all delegates to present live. Please use the following instructions:

Poster presentations

Posters and poster videos

  • Please upload a PDF of your poster to indico.
  • Please provide a Zoom link where delegates can join you during the poster session(s) to discuss your poster. Please submit this via the following form: https://forms.office.com/r/dQieXgvAYZ
  • Please prepare a short (<5 minute) video to present your poster.
  • Links to the videos will be displayed on the indico page and YouTube channel. 
  • The video can be very simple i.e. by using a phone self-facing camera or by recording on Zoom a meeting of you speaking over a still shot of the poster. 
  • Please use your contribution number as the start of the filename (check the contribution list if in doubt).
  • Suggested file type MP4.
  • Please upload these videos to this CERNbox area: https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/JEt5UGXbvK06uog AND to the indico page alongside your poster.