ML + GPU Training

Alessandra Forti (University of Manchester (GB)), Anna Scaife (University of Manchester), Darren Price (University of Manchester (GB)), Meirin Oan Evans (University of Sussex (GB)), Samuel Ross Meehan (CERN), Sudhir Malik (University of Puerto Rico (PR))

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This is the first iteration of a Machine Learning on GPUs course for the University of Manchester, University of Lancaster, University of Sheffield High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics and Astronomy PhD students  organised in collaboration between the 4IR Centre for Doctoral Training, University of Manchester Physics and Astronomy Department and the Training Working Group of the HEP Software Foundation.

Primary Aims:

  • Get students comfortable and able to run ML jobs on GPUs
  • Identify when to use GPU programming for tasks (which tasks are appropriate)

Some python programming background is expected.

Important Links

Organisation and content

Due to the current pandemic circumstances we expect the whole event (course and training) to be held virtual. The link to the conference tool will be provided on this page.

The event will have 3 events spread over a week. There will be a kickoff event where the course and how to use the virtual material and get access to the GPUs will be explained (links are provided in agenda). Then 3 days for you to work on the material at your own pace. Finally 2 hands on sessions with tutors to go through the material interactively again.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Monday

Explanations on how to use the material and howto get access to the GPUs

Homework Study the material provided on Monday

Homework Study the material provided on Monday
Homework Study the material provided on Monday
ML hands on
break out sessions

GPU hands on
break out sessions

It is important that you do your homework to make the hands on sessions more productive.


The number of participant places for this course and training is limited to 36 i.e. the number of GPUs available.

In case you registered and got a place but find out later that you cannot attend, please contact the organizers so we eventually could make your place available to others.

The content will be available online for those who cannot participate and in the future there might be further hands-on training.


  • Anna Scaife (University of Manchester)
  • Meirin Oan Evans (University of Sussex)
  • Savannah Thais (Princeton)
  • Stephen Menary (University of Manchester)


Alessandra Forti 
Anna Scaife 
Darren Price 
Meirin Oan Evans 
Samuel Ross Meehan 
Sudhir Malik 

Cost of Attendance

The training is organized free of charge. The only thing we ask is that if you register to attend,  you commit to attending the full event.


Waiting list
  • Akash Nair
  • Alessandra Luca
  • Alexandra Bonta
  • Andrew Naylor
  • Anush Kini
  • Aodhan Burke
  • Aravind Thachayath Sugunan
  • Babak Abi
  • Benjamin Cropper
  • Charis Kleio Koraka
  • Deeksha Manjunath
  • Devina Mohan
  • Dhananjaya Thakur
  • Diego Baron
  • Dong Qichen
  • James Lockwood
  • James Walder
  • Jamie Dumayne
  • Joe Hanson
  • Joe Osborn
  • Jonathan Francis
  • Joseph Carmignani
  • Lewis Higgins
  • Luis Mora Lepin
  • Manolis Kargiantoulakis
  • Marvin Ascencio
  • Matthew Chan
  • Nam Tran
  • Nathan Steer
  • Neza Ribaric
  • Shantam Taneja
  • Shengquan Tuo
  • Shreya Srivastava
  • Tamaki Holly McGrath
  • Timesh Mistry