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by Prof. Roger José Henández Pinto (UAS)


Title: Multi-loop amplitudes in the causal representation through the Loop-Tree Duality

by: Roger José Hernández Pinto


 Quantum corrections to physical observables require dealing with divergences while numerical integrations are performed. Some of those, are physically motivated and others are unphysical, such as threshold singularities. Besides, the understanding of both singularities is crucial for phenomenological studies. The isolation and reduction of the number of singularities allow the community to perform algorithms to produce fast accurate theoretical predictions, such as the ones that the FCC shall require. 

In this talk, we review a novel representation inspired by the Loop-Tree Duality theorem, in which scattering amplitudes present only physical or causal structures. The causal representation is given for the so-called Maximal Loop Topology, Next-to-Maximal Loop Topology, and Next-to-Next-to-Maximal Loop Topology.