North Area Fire Safety Technical Review Meeting



Yacine Kadi (CERN)

In the framework of the renovation measures to be taken to improve the (increasing) failure rate of the installations and the obsolescence of many equipment of the North Experimental Area, consolidation actions needed to ensure the conformity to present regulations and safety standards have been identified. The consolidation needs regarding safety concern:

  • Fire safety (surface and underground premises) and beam imminent warning system,
  • Gas Safety (Flammable, ODH, CO2),
  • Radiation protection installation / Radiological surveillance, 
  • Access control in secondary beam areas.

A Safety Review was held on June 6th, 2019 to assess the technical solutions considered and the schedule envisaged to implement the corresponding work packages. Considering the financial effort required to endorse the proposed technical solutions resulting from the presented fire risk assessment, the CERN management calls for an external audit of the analysis and of the subsequent technical solutions proposed.