# WLCG JWT complicance test suite in CI

WLCG JWT complicance test suite is now running in CI on GH actions:


Runs every day at 13 UTC.

Results are published on amnesiac (requires WLCG auth):


Results are in line with what we had at the hackathon (with EOS being worse).

Next steps:

- add token factory tests

- add RUCIO/FTS tests

- open issues at the SE to track changes in the code

# WLCG VO should be used instead of DTEAM for the TPC testbed

The latest IAM VOMS AA is compatible with legacy voms-clients, so there should be no blocking issue  in moving to the WLCG VO (and we want to test the IAM VO issuer)

# WLCG LSC file will change in a few days

Due to INFN moving to SECTIGO.

I am sending the announcement to relevant lists in a short while