Current DAQ systems contain many complex parts and subsystems that have to provide the best possible performance. Therefore, these modules undergo intensive developments and innovations in order to keep up with the latest requirements of HEP experiments. The future of acquisition systems relies on advanced technologies, state-of-the-art hardware, and software solutions. Moreover, these modern DAQ systems usually include streaming data formats and triggerless techniques, which will be discussed in this workshop.

This workshop is focused on the development of modern data taking for experiments beyond 2020. It will be hosted online on February 8-10, 2021. We will discuss the required performance and architecture of FEE and DAQ components, unify serial interfaces and protocols, discuss trigger processor hardware, and distribution of workload. This time we aim to have presentations from a broader range of experiments to share experiences and discuss the future. Workshop will take place at zoom.  

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Josef Novy
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  • Alexander Inglessi
  • Alexey Nikolaev
  • Aleš Suchomel
  • Aliaksei Piskun
  • ameer mukhtar
  • Anatoly Kulikov
  • Andres Cicuttin
  • Angelo Maggiora
  • Antonin Kveton
  • Antonio Amoroso
  • Bakur Parsamyan
  • Benjamin Moritz Veit
  • Bruno Valinoti
  • Carlos Azevedo
  • Carlos Garcia Argos
  • Catarina Quintans
  • Chandradoy Chatterjee
  • Christian Dreisbach
  • Christian Honisch
  • Daniele D'Ago
  • daniele panzieri
  • Dmytro Levit
  • Dominik Steffen
  • Fabian Metzger
  • Federica Romeo
  • Flavio Pisani
  • František Voldřich
  • Fulvio Tessarotto
  • Gennady Alexeev
  • Georgy Golovanov
  • Grzegorz Pastuszak
  • Horst Fischer
  • Igor Konorov
  • Jan Friedrich
  • Jan Matousek
  • Jiri Chudoba
  • Jonathan Floethner
  • Josef Novy
  • Karel Adamek
  • Konstantin Gritsay
  • Leonid Afanasyev
  • Lucie Roskotova
  • Luis G. García Ordóñez
  • Manuel Dionisio Da Rocha Rolo
  • Marcin Ziembicki
  • Maria Liz Crespo
  • Marketa Peskova
  • Martin Hoffmann
  • Martin Losekamm
  • Martin Zemko
  • Maxim Alexeev
  • Michael Finger
  • Michael Lupberger
  • Michael Pesek
  • Michela Chiosso
  • Miroslav Finger
  • Nikolay Zhuravlev
  • Oleg Denisov
  • Oleg Gavrishchuk
  • Oleg Kiselev
  • Rafal Krawczyk
  • Romina Molina
  • Sabyasachi Siddhanta
  • Stefan Huber
  • Stefano Levorato
  • Thomas Pöschl
  • Victor Duginov
  • Vincent Andrieux
  • Vladimir FROLOV
  • Vladimír Jarý
  • Werner Florian
  • Werner Oswaldo Florian Samayoa
  • Zbyněk Král