Zoom session 1/2 for Science Fiction and the Future of Detection and Imaging



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Laura Wirtavuori (Helsinki University of Technology (FI)), Markus Nordberg (CERN)

This Zoom session is a live event to inspire the invited participants to think ahead and embrace themselves for what is to come in the Workshop "Science Fiction and the Future of Detection and Imaging" in November, 2021 at IdeaSquare. There, our intent is to engage participants in 3-4 projects related to detection and imaging and to communicating them to laymen, in an unashaimingly futuristic and speculative setting.

This Zoom session will continue setting the scene after the Teaser that took place in November 2020. The special focus today will be Technology of Peace and the scene will be set by a short inspiration video production made by our CREA students here in Geneva. As hopeless techno-optimists and believers in the good in Humanity, our approach is to expect good and positive outcomes in the role of technology in peace in the future. This is an opportunity to deepen the discussion, or join it for the first time if you weren’t able to participate in the Teaser.

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  • Alex Wehrlin
  • Aliya Whiteley
  • Anna Lauria
  • Anne Charnock
  • bengisu kupeli
  • Danush Shekar
  • Helen Marshall
  • Helen Marshall
  • John Wood
  • Juan Manuel Pablo Rodriguez
  • Kim Wilkins
  • Laura Wirtavuori
  • Luciana Leveratto
  • Markus Mooslechner
  • Natasha Sebben
  • Omar Afifeh
  • Raghu Movva
  • Silvia Fabiani
  • Simon Guerrier
  • Tashan Mehta
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