Nov 15 – 19, 2021
Fukuoka Convention Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Review of experimental results and parameters for evaluation of AC losses of the ITER conductors

Nov 16, 2021, 1:15 PM
Fukuoka Convention Center

Fukuoka Convention Center


Alexandre Torre (CEA)


During the years of ITER conductors qualification phases, samples from all domestic agencies were tested. Some of these tests were focused on characterizing the AC losses properties of the ITER conductors. The data produced originate from various facilities (SULTAN, University of Twente, CERN…), using different experimental protocols, for a large number of samples. The result is thus a considerate amount of information with a wide spread in the properties.

The need for a reduced set of parameters describing the AC losses properties of the ITER conductors is now becoming urgent in order to permit consistent analysis of the coils heat loads in commissioning and operation.

This paper will try to summarize the conductor choices, the models and the parameters that emerge from the extensive experimental characterizations, hoping to give a strong baseline for analysts investigating AC losses in ITER conductors.

Primary author


Mr Alexander Vostner (ITER) Florent GAUTHIER (ITER Organization) Pierre Bauer (ITER Organization) Dr Bernard Turck (CEA Cadarache - IRFM) Dr Jean-Luc Duchateau (CEA Cadarache - IRFM)

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