Introduction to Masterclasses for Particle Physicists


In this event, participants can try out data measurements and get a taste from new Masterclasses. We offer Masterclasses on the following topics: Belle II e+e- collider experiment at KEK, DarkSide experiment at Gran Sasso, MINERvA neutrino experiment at Fermilab, a Particle Therapy Masterclass, and a web-based version of ALICE Strangeness. Learning groups are guided by Masterclass experts. There are two successive 45-minute sessions; participants can come to one or both.

These Masterclass measurements are primarily intended for groups of high school students in International Masterclasses, a  program of the International Particle Physics Outreach Group, and are used in more than 60 countries worldwide each year.

Registration for Introductory Masterclasses
  • Ariane Frey
  • Aris Mamaras
  • Benjamin Dedic
  • Carmen Richter
  • Damir Skrijelj
  • Daniele De Gruttola
  • Despina Hatzifotiadou
  • Domenik Ehlert
  • Janna Vischer
  • Josef Juran
  • Juliane Volkmer
  • Karol Adamczyk
  • Kate Shaw
  • Katerina Jarkovska
  • Katharina Mueller
  • Katrin Link
  • Kazuo Tanaka
  • Kenneth William Cecire
  • Krzysztof Wieslaw Wozniak
  • Lucia Härer
  • Marco Garbini
  • Marcus Mikorski
  • Matteo Pisano
  • Mauricio Suarez
  • Michael Kobel
  • Mirwat Shamshad
  • Moritz Springer
  • Natascha Krammer
  • Patricia Rebello Teles
  • Pedro Abreu
  • Ricardo Barrué
  • Rok Pestotnik
  • Ronja Hetzel
  • Sarah Aretz
  • Shane Wood
  • Spencer Pasero
  • Thomas Kuhr
  • Uta Bilow
  • WIebke Kött