May 24 – 28, 2021
America/Vancouver timezone

Scintillator cubes for 3D neutrino detector SuperFGD

May 27, 2021, 7:30 AM
Parallel session talk Sensors: Light-based detectors Sensors: Light-based detectors


Sergei Fedotov (Russian Academy of Sciences (RU))


A highly granular scintillator detector SuperFGD is under construction to reduce systematic uncertainties in the T2K experiment in order to improve the sensitivity to CP-violation in neutrino oscillations. SuperFGD will be comprised of about 2x10^6 of optically isolated small (10x10x10 mm^3) polystyrene based plastic scintillator cubes with three orthogonal holes of 1.5 mm in diameter. The readout of scintillating light from each cube is provided by three wavelength shifting fibers inserted into three holes and coupled to micropixel photosensors MPPC’s. Cubes are covered by a white chemical reflector for optical isolation. The technology of making these cubes and their mechanical properties will be reported. Obtained main characteristics with cosmic muons, temperature tests, and a method of the assembly a large segmented detector will be presented

Primary authors

Sergei Fedotov (INR, Moscow) Anna Dergacheva (INR, Moscow) Anastasia Filik (INR, Moscow) Marat Khabibullin (INR, Moscow) Alexei Khotjantsev (INR, Moscow) Yury Kudenko (INR, Moscow) Takuji Arihara (Tokyo Metropolitan University )


Svetlana Tereshchenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Aleksandr Boikov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Tsunayuki Matsubara (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization) Yuri Davydov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Hidekazu Kakuno (Tokyo Metropolitan University ) Olivier Drapier (Ecole Polytechnique, IN2P3-CNRS) Viacheslav Tereshchenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)

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