2021 CAP Virtual Congress / Congrès virtuel de l'ACP 2021

from Sunday, June 6, 2021 (10:00 AM) to Friday, June 11, 2021 (11:59 PM)
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10:50 AM
Opening remarks - CAP President - Robert Thompson (University of Calgary) (until 11:00 AM) ()
11:00 AM
M-PLEN-1 Alejandro Adem, NSERC President (CAP) / Président du CRSNG (ACP) - Robert Thompson (University of Calgary) (until 11:30 AM) ()
11:30 AM --- 15 Minute Break ---
11:45 AM
M1-1 Degenerate Quantum Gases and cold Atoms and Molecules (DAMOPC) / Gaz quantiques dégénérés et atomes et molécules froids (DPAMPC) - Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Ultracold chemistry with triplet molecules - Prof. Alan Jamison (University of Waterloo)   ()
11:50 AM (I) Quantum Sensing with Matter-Wave Interferometers - Prof. Brynle Barrett (University of New Brunswick)   ()
11:55 AM (I) Quantum archæology: how much time does an atom spend tunneling through a beam of light, and how much time do photons spend “trapped” in atoms? - Prof. Aephraim Steinberg (University of Toronto)   ()
12:00 PM Localization of composite quantum particles in a random potential - Fumika Suzuki (IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria))   ()
12:04 PM Simulating gravity-assisted loading and motion of laser-cooled atoms in hollow-core optical fibres - Sreesh Venuturumilli (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:08 PM (G*) Quantum bifurcations in a Bose-Einstein condensate - Ms Denise Kamp (McMaster University)   ()
12:12 PM Propagation of correlations in the Bose Hubbard model - Malcolm Kennett (Simon Fraser University)   ()
12:16 PM (G*) Manipulation of phonon modes in a trapped-ion system by optical tweezers - Yi Hong Teoh (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:20 PM --- Group discussion ---
11:45 AM
M1-2 Classical and Quantum Gravity I (DTP) / Gravité classique et quantique I (DPT) - Robert Mann (University of Waterloo) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) On the firewall puzzle - Beni Yoshida (Perimeter Institute)   ()
11:50 AM (I) Quantum Gravity Phenomenology from the Generalized Uncertainty Principle - Pasquale Bosso (University of Lethbridge)   ()
11:55 AM Scalar-tensor gravity as an imperfect fluid, with applications - Valerio Faraoni (Bishop's University)   ()
11:58 AM (G*) Test of Quantum Gravity in Statistical Mechanics - Mitja Fridman (University of Lethbridge)   ()
12:01 PM (G*) Analyzing Loop Quantum Cosmology of Bianchi II Space with Numerical Methods - Timothy Blackmore (University of New Brunswick)   ()
12:04 PM (G*) Effective loop quantum gravity framework for vacuum spherically symmetric space-times - Jarod Kelly (University of New Brunswick)   ()
12:07 PM Dust collapse and bounce in effective loop quantum gravity - Robert Santacruz (University of New Brunswick)   ()
12:10 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
11:45 AM
M1-3 Physics for a larger audience (DPE) / La physique pour un plus vaste auditoire (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM --- DPE Mingling ---
12:00 PM (I) Assessment of Physics Competency in a First-Year Integrated Science Course - Gurpaul Kochhar (Western University)   ()
11:45 AM
M1-4 DPMB 101 - Part 1 (DPMB) / DPMB 101 - Partie 1 (DPMB) - Cornelia Hoehr (TRIUMF) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Introduction to machine learning and its applications in biophysics and computational biology - Yi-Hsuan Lin (University of Toronto)   ()
11:45 AM
M1-5 Spectroscopy I (DNP) / Spectroscopie I (DPN) - Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Study of exotic nuclei along the neutron drip line and beyond - Prof. Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   ()
12:10 PM (G*) Investigation of resonance states in 11Li - Mukhwinder Singh (SMU)   ()
12:20 PM Preliminary Characterization of Silicon Detectors for the Neutron Beta Decay Experiment (Nab) using the Manitoba II 30 keV Proton Source - Nicholas Macsai (University of Manitoba)   ()
11:45 AM
M1-6 Spectroscopy II (DNP) / Spectroscopie II (DPN) - Pietro Spagnoletti (Spagnoletti) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Recent highlights from the GRIFFINspectrometer - Dr Victoria Vedia (TRIUMF)   ()
12:10 PM (G*) Lifetime Measurement of the First 2+ State in 40Ca Using Direct Population via an Alpha-transfer Reaction - Tongan (Frank) Wu (Simon Fraser University)   ()
12:20 PM (G*) Electromagnetic Transition Rate Studies in $^{28}$Mg - Matthew Martin (Simon Fraser University)   ()
11:45 AM
M1-7 ACC Developments in Canada (DAPI) / Développements ACC au Canada (DPAI) - Kirk Michaelian (NRCan/RNCan) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM Accelerator Science in Canada - Prof. Oliver Kester (TRIUMF)   ()
11:50 AM (I) Superconducting Radiofrequency Science and Technology in Canada - Tobias Junginger (University of Victoria)   ()
12:00 PM (I) CLS2: A Next Generation Light Sournce for Canada - Dr Mark Boland (CLS University of Saskatchewan (CA))   ()
12:10 PM (I) A Prototype Compact Accelerator-based Neutron Source (CANS) for Canada - Dr Dalini Maharaj (University of Windsor)   ()
12:20 PM Improvement of the Efficiency of the TRIUMF Charge State Booster - Mr Joseph Adegun (TRIUMF)   ()
11:45 AM
M1-8 Frustrated Magnetism (DCMMP) / Magnétisme frustré (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Magnetoelectric generation of a Majorana-Fermi surface in Kitaev's honeycomb model - Jeffrey Rau (University of Windsor)   ()
11:50 AM --- Questions & answers ---
11:54 AM (I) Magnetic order and spin liquid physics in cluster Mott insulators - Jeffrey Quilliam (Université de Sherbrooke)   ()
11:59 AM --- Questions & answers ---
12:03 PM --- Open discussion period ---
11:45 AM
M1-9 Dark matter experiment and Channel of detection I (PPD) / Expérience sur la matière sombre et canal de détection I (PPD) - Simon Viel (Carleton University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Challenges for Direct Dark Matter Detection Searches - Dr Silvia Scorza (SNOLAB)   ()
12:10 PM Status of the NEWS-G dark matter experiment first run data analysis and installation at SNOLAB - Alexis Brossard (Queen's University)   ()
12:20 PM Current Status of DEAP-3600 - Mark Stringer (Queen's University)   ()
10:00 AM
TS1-1 James Peebles' talk (DTP Symposium on Cosmology: James Peebles Nobel Celebration) / Conférence de James Peebles (Symposium DPT sur la cosmologie: le prix Nobel de James Peebles) Sponsored by Perimeter Institute - Robert Brandenberger (McGill University) (until 11:00 AM) ()
10:00 AM (I) Challenges and Opportunties for Modern Cosmology - Prof. James Peebles (Princeton University)   ()
10:30 AM
TS-3 Plasma Physics Symposium (DPP) / Symposium de physique des plasmas (DPP) - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan) (until 6:05 PM) ()
10:40 AM (I) Modelling laser plasma interaction for inertial confinement fusion experiments - Arnaud Debayle   ()
11:05 AM (I) X-ray production using relativistically intense laser pulses - Amina Hussein (University of Alberta)   ()
11:30 AM (G*) Generation of focused LWFA electron and gamma beams using a triplet quadrupole magnet system - Mr Vigneshvar Senthilkumaran (University of Alberta)   ()
11:45 AM Nonlinear development of absolute SRS in ignition-scale direct-drive coronal plasmas - Dr Qing Wang (University of Alberta)   ()
12:00 PM Ray tracing analysis of stimulated Raman scattering in directly-driven inertial confinement fusion plasmas - Steven Hironaka (University of Alberta)   ()
12:15 PM --- Break ---
12:30 PM Spectrally accurate global-local gyrokinetic simulations of turbulence in tokamak plasmas - Denis St-Onge (University of Oxford)   ()
12:45 PM (G*) Experimental Studies of the Improved Plasma Confinement on the STOR-M Tokamak - Mrs Heba Bsharat (University of Saskatchewan )   ()
1:00 PM (G*) Stimulated Excitation of Thermal Waves in Magnetized Plasmas and Use in Thermal Conductivity Measurement - Scott Karbashewski (University of Alberta)   ()
1:15 PM (I) Nonlinear and noise effects in simulations of Buneman instability - Arash Tavassoli   ()
1:40 PM --- Break ---
1:50 PM (I) Defect Engineering in Plasma-Treated Graphene Films - Luc Stafford (Universite de Montreal)   ()
2:15 PM Boron substitutional doping of graphene by low- pressure diborane-argon plasma - Pierre Vinchon (Université de Montréal)   ()
2:30 PM (G*) P3I code: A new code for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation modelling - tahreem yousaf (university of saskchewan)   ()
2:45 PM (G*) Time Resolved Characterization of a Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation System - Joel Moreno (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
3:00 PM --- Break ---
3:10 PM (I) Plasma and dusty plasma pattern formation at high magnetic fields - Edward Thomas (Auburn University)   ()
3:35 PM Mode-coupling instability of two-dimensional complex plasma crystals in asymmetric capacitively-coupled radio-frequency discharges - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
3:50 PM (G*) Application of kinetic and regression techniques to measurements made with fixed-bias needle Langmuir probes. - Guangdong Liu (University of Alberta)   ()
4:05 PM (G*) Design and Characterization of a Dust Injector for STOR-M - Nathan Nelson (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
4:20 PM Beyond analytic inference techniques with multivariate regression - Richard Marchand   ()
4:35 PM (G*) Multivariate Regression Approach in the Prediction of Side Wind Velocity Using Spherical Segmented Langmuir Probe Measurements - Mr Akinola Olowookere (University of Alberta)   ()
4:50 PM --- Break ---
5:00 PM (I) Flow-Through Z-Pinch Research at Fuse - Dr Raymond Golingo (Fuse)   ()
5:25 PM (I) Global simulations of ion temperature gradient modes, from characteristic eigen-structures to turbulent transport - Jeffery Zielinski (University Of Saskatchewan)   ()
5:50 PM Turbulence and transport from multiple entangled electron temperature filaments in a magnetized plasma - Richard Sydora (University of Alberta)   ()
10:59 AM
TS-8 Magnetic North VII / Nord magnétique VII - Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) (until 5:55 PM) ()
10:59 AM --- Magnetic North VII - Session 1 - 11h00-12h30 (Chair: Bruce Gaulin, McMaster University) ---
11:00 AM (I) MBT for TBM ( Topological Band Magnetism ) - Allan MacDonald (UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN)   ()
12:00 PM (I) Giant c-axis Nonlinear Anomalous Hall Effect - Adam Tsen (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:30 PM --- Lunch break - 12h30-13h30 ---
1:29 PM --- Magnetic North VII - Session 2 - 13h30-14h30 (Chair: Jacob Burgess, University of Manitoba) ---
1:30 PM (I) Tunneling processes through Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states of magnetic atoms on superconductors - Katharina Franke (Freie Universität Berlin)   ()
2:00 PM Majorana Bound States Induced by Antiferromagnetic Skyrmion Textures - Sebastián Díaz (University of Basel)   ()
2:15 PM Level attraction in a driven cavity magnonic system - Igor Proskurin (University of Manitoba)   ()
2:30 PM --- Break - 15 minutes ---
2:44 PM --- Magnetic North VII - Session 3 - 14h45-15h45 (Chair: Pat Clancy, McMaster University) ---
2:45 PM (I) Microscopic Theory of Spin Frustration in Quantum Magnets - Hae-Young Kee (University of Toronto)   ()
3:15 PM Anisotropic magnetic interactions in hexagonal AB-stacked kagome lattice structures: Applications to Mn3X (X = Ge, Sn, Ga) compounds - Andrey Zelenskiy (Dalhousie University)   ()
3:30 PM (G*) Constraints on the Spin Hamiltonian and Entropy of the Dipole-Octupole Spin Liquid Candidate Ce2Zr2O7 from Low Temperature Heat Capacity - Evan Smith (McMaster University (Department of Physics and Astronomy))   ()
3:45 PM --- Break - 15 minutes ---
3:59 PM --- Magnetic North VII - Session 4 - 16h00-1715 (Chair: Hae-Young Kee, University of Toronto) ---
4:00 PM (I) Exploring Kitaev Magnetism with Resonant X-Rays - Patrick Clancy (McMaster University)   ()
4:30 PM (G*) Exchange Interactions in d$^2$ Systems - Derek Churchill (University of Toronto)   ()
4:45 PM Interaction-stabilized topological magnon insulator in ferromagnets - Alexander Mook   ()
5:00 PM Magnets have Two Longitudinal Degrees of Freedom - Wayne Saslow (Texas A&M University)   ()
11:00 AM
TS-2 Quantum Machine Learning (DTP) / Apprentissage automatique quantique (DPT) - Aida Ahmadzadegan (Perimeter Institute) Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo) (until 5:30 PM) ()
11:00 AM (I) Quantum Barren Plateaus and Generative Pre-Training - Maria Kieferova   ()
11:30 AM (I) Interpreting artificial neural networks in the context of theoretical physics. - Sebastian Wetzel   ()
12:00 PM Quantum Earth Mover's Distance: A New Approach to Learning Quantum Data - Dr Milad Marvian (University of New Mexico)   ()
12:30 PM --- Break (Optional: Discussions) ---
1:30 PM (I) Large Scale QML Research in TensorFlow Quantum - Michael Broughton   ()
2:00 PM (I) Training quantum computers the same way as neural networks - Nathan Killoran   ()
2:30 PM --- Break (Optional: Discussions) ---
2:45 PM (I) Quantum enhanced sampling: an essential tool for today’s quantum computing practitioner - Peter Johnson   ()
3:15 PM (I) Variational Neural Annealing - Juan Felipe Carrasquilla   ()
3:45 PM --- Break (Optional: Discussions) ---
4:00 PM (I) Classical and quantum control and learning - Barry Sanders (University of Calgary)   ()
4:30 PM (I) Enhancing Machine Learning and Combinatorial Optimization with Quantum Generative Models - Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz   ()
5:00 PM --- Optional: Discussions ---
11:00 AM
TS-5 Private Sector Physics Symposium (Prof.Affairs/DAPI) / Symposium sur la physique dans l'entreprise privée (affaires prof./DPAI) - Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter) (until 5:30 PM) ()
11:00 AM (I) Breaking the Myth of the "Non-Traditional Physicist": The Real Story about Employment for Physics Graduates - Crystal Bailey (Americal Physical Society)   ()
12:00 PM (I) Artificial Intelligence for Customer Care - Melissa Valdez (IBM)   ()
12:30 PM (I) Perspectives on Applied AI and Machine Learning - Chad Bryant   ()
1:00 PM --- 1 hour break ---
2:00 PM (I) Cryogenics in Mining, Deep Mine Cooling By Converting The Heat To Electricity. - Sujit Sengupta (AdmiraDHES) Daniel Cluff (CanMIND Associates)   ()
2:30 PM (I) The winding road from a degree in physics to the development of leading-edge optical sensors - Denis Dufour (INO)   ()
3:00 PM (I) Using a Physics Education to Communicate Science to Society - Al Scott (Honeywell)   ()
3:30 PM --- 30 minute Break ---
4:00 PM --- Panel Discussion : Career Opportunities in Physics - What to do Next? / Opportunités de carrière en physique - Quel chemin prendre? ---
11:00 AM
TS-6-1 COVID & Biomicrofluidics (DPMB Symposium) / COVID et biomicrofluidique (Symposium DPMB) - Melanie Campbell (University of Waterloo) (until 1:30 PM) ()
11:00 AM (I) Microfluidic devices for handling small organisms - Ravi Selvaganapathy (McMaster University)   ()
11:30 AM A nanosurface fluidic device for physical fingerprints of extracellular vesicles for liquid biopsy in cancer - Sara Mahshid (McGill University)   ()
12:00 PM (G*) Erythro-VLPS: Embedding SARS-COV-2 Spike Proteins in Red Blood Cell Based Proteoliposomes Leads to Pronounced Antibody Response - Sebastian Himbert (McMaster University)   ()
12:05 PM (G*) Novel drug delivery system for antibiotic therapy using modified erythrocyte liposomes - Hannah Krivic (McMaster University)   ()
12:10 PM (U*) Laser-based mask characterization for prophylaxis of Covid-19 - Abbey Richer (University of Windsor)   ()
12:15 PM (G*) Quantifying Density Hotspots and Potential Superspreading Events During COVID-19 - K. Mason Rock (Ryerson University)   ()
12:20 PM Filter mask development and PPE distribution from the ground up. - Christopher Murray (Lakehead University)   ()
12:35 PM --- TS-6-1 Break (55 minutes) ---
11:00 AM
TS-7 Sensors and Metrology Symposium (NRC) / Symposium sur les capteurs et la métrologie (CNRC) - Peter Mason (National Research Council of Canada) (until 6:00 PM) ()
11:00 AM --- Introductory Remarks - Dr. Julie Lefebvre, NRC ---
11:05 AM (I) Quantum Technologies in Sensing, Imaging, and Metrology: From the Laboratory to Near-Term Commercial Applications - Dr Carl Williams (Deputy Director, Physical Measurement Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology)   ()
11:35 AM --- Questions and Discussion ---
11:45 AM (I) Quantum radiometry and metrology for single-photon detectors and emitters - Dr Angela Gamouras (National Research Council of Canada)   ()
12:10 PM --- Questions and Discussion ---
12:15 PM --- Break ---
12:30 PM (I) Toward tabletop, quantum-limited mechanical sensing and new optomechanical control - Jack Sankey (McGill University)   ()
12:50 PM --- Questions and Discussion ---
1:00 PM (I) Applying Atom-Defined Building Tools to Make Quantum Sensing Devices - Robert Wolkow (University of Alberta)   ()
1:20 PM --- Questions and Discussion ---
1:30 PM (I) Microwave entanglement generation and its application in quantum sensing - Prof. Shabir Barzanjeh (University of Calgary)   ()
1:50 PM --- Questions and Discussion ---
2:00 PM --- Lunch session 14h00-15h00 - Government Interest in Quantum Sensing (Introduction) ---
2:15 PM (I) (Lunch session talk) Department of National Defence Quantum S&T Strategy - Aimee Gunther (University of Waterloo)   ()
2:40 PM (I) (Lunch session talk) NRC’s Quantum Sensors Challenge Program - Peter Mason (National Research Concil of Canada)   ()
3:00 PM (I) Quantum Magnetometry with the Diamond NV-Centre - Michael Bradley (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
3:20 PM --- Questions and Discussion ---
3:30 PM (G*) Achromatic multi-mode time bin interferometer for quantum networks - Ramy Tannous (University of Waterloo, Institute for Quantum Computing)   ()
3:37 PM (G*) Towards the atomic scale readout of single acceptor states in p-doped Si - Max Yuan (University of Alberta)   ()
3:44 PM (G*) Hybrid Integration of III-V Nanowires Embedded with Quantum Dots on Photonic Integrated Circuits - Edith Yeung (University of Ottawa)   ()
3:51 PM (G*) Optomechanical interface between telecom photons and spin quantum memory - Prasoon Kumar Shandilya (University of Calgary)   ()
3:58 PM (G*) Suppression of Phonon-Mediated Decoherence using Frequency-Swept Laser Pulses in Optically-Driven Semiconductor Quantum Emitters - Mr Grant Wilbur (Dalhousie University)   ()
4:05 PM (G*) A portable diamond-based quantum demonstrator based on a quantum control and readout platform - Démonstrateur quantique portable à base de diamant, basé sur une plateforme de contrôle et de lecture quantique - Azfar Badaroudine (Université de Sherbrooke)   ()
4:15 PM --- Break ---
4:30 PM (I) Building Magnetic Intelligence: harnessing quantum magnetometry with the diamond NV-centre for end-user applications - Rachel Taylor (SB Quantum)   ()
4:50 PM --- Questions and Discussion ---
5:00 PM (U*) Photons in the Brain: Imaging Biophotons with Quantum Detectors - Rana Zibakhsh (University of Calgary)   ()
5:07 PM (G*) Gated quantum dots in van der Waals materials - Justin Boddison-Chouinard (University of Ottawa)   ()
5:14 PM (G*) Super-resolution Ghost-Imaging - Florence Grenapin (University of Ottawa)   ()
5:21 PM (G*) Multiplexed Single-Photon Source Based on Multiple Quantum Dots Embedded within a Single Nanowire - Mr Patrick Laferrière (University of Ottawa)   ()
5:30 PM --- Wrap Up ---
11:00 AM --- TS1-1 Break ---
11:00 AM
TS4-1 Neutrino-related questions in nuclear and astro-particle physics (PPD Neutrino Physics and Beyond Symposium) / Questions liées aux neutrinos en physique nucléaire et d'astro-particules (Symposium PPD sur la physique des neutrinos et au delà) - David McKeen (TRIUMF) (until 11:45 AM) ()
11:00 AM (I) Ab initio nuclear theory for neutrino physics - Jason Holt   ()
11:20 AM (I) Search for Majorana Neutrinos in the LEGEND Experiment - Alan Poon (Berkeley Lab)   ()
11:15 AM
TS1-2 New Observational Windows (DTP Symposium on Cosmology: James Peebles Nobel Celebration) / Nouvelles fenêtres d'observation (Symposium DPT sur la cosmologie: le prix Nobel de James Peebles) - Robert Brandenberger (McGill University) (until 12:45 PM) ()
11:15 AM (I) 21cm Cosmology - Matt Dobbs   ()
11:45 AM (I) Multi-line intensity mapping of the high redshift Universe - Tzu-Ching Chang   ()
12:15 PM (I) CMB Observations: Recent Progress - Jo Dunkley   ()
11:45 AM --- TS4-1 Break ---
10:30 AM
W-PLEN-1 EDI Survey Presentation by Kevin Hewitt and Anastasia Smolina (CAP/EDI) / Présentation du sondage EDI par Kevin Hewitt et Anastasia Smolina (ACP/EDI) - Robert Thompson (University of Calgary) (until 11:00 AM) ()
10:30 AM EDI Survey Presentation - Ms Anastasia Smolina (University of Toronto) Kevin Hewitt (Dalhousie University)   ()
11:00 AM
W-PLEN-2 Brian Wilson, U.Toronto (DPMB/DAMOPC) (DPMB/DPAMPC) - Ozzy Mermut (York University) (until 11:30 AM) ()
11:00 AM Cancer and Light: How optical sciences and engineering impact cancer research and patient care - Prof. Brian Wilson (University of Toronto)   ()
11:30 AM --- 15 Minute Break ---
11:45 AM
W1-1 Photonics and Nano-Optics (DAMOPC) / Photonique et nano-optique (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (TRIUMF) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Scanning near-field optical microscopy: from physics to spectroscopic applications - Prof. Giovanni Fanchini (Western university)   ()
11:50 AM (I) Nanophotonic platforms for quantum optics with atomic ensembles - Prof. Michal Bajcsy (University of Waterloo)   ()
11:55 AM (G*) Nanoscale polymer blister formation using single femtosecond pulses - Alan Godfrey (University of Ottawa)   ()
11:59 AM Study of photoluminescence in plasmonic nanoparticles - Grant Brassem (University of Western Ontario)   ()
12:03 PM Nonlinear optical properties of graphene: liquid-phase exfoliation vs chemical vapour deposition - Aidan Baker-Murray (University of Ottawa)   ()
12:07 PM --- Group discussion ---
11:45 AM
W1-10 Exploring the Energy and Precision Frontier III (PPD) / Frontière d'énergie et de précision III (PPD) - Heather Russell (CERN) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Towards the Particle Collider Luminosity Frontier: The latest from the Belle II Experiment - Ewan Chin Hill (University of Victoria (CA))   ()
12:10 PM (G*) The Search for Charged Lepton Flavour Violation at Belle II - Trevor Shillington (McGill University)   ()
12:20 PM (G*) Inclusive analysis of $B \to X_u \ell \nu_{\ell}$ and $|V_{ub}|$ determination at Belle II - Andrea Fodor (McGill University)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-11 Thin Films (DSS) / Couches minces (DSS) - Steve Patitsas (University of Lethbridge) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (G*) Experimental analysis of surface Debye temperature for epitaxial thin films - Matheus Adam (Western University)   ()
12:00 PM Rivulets and ripples: experiments on how dynamic wetting affects icicle growth - John Ladan (University of Toronto)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-12 Magnetic North VII - Session 5 / Nord magnétique VII - session 5 - Christianne Beekman (Florida State University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) A Theoretical Outlook on the Properties of Spin Ice and Other Magnetic Pyrochlore Thin Films - Prof. Michel Gingras (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:15 PM Collinear and Noncollinear Antiferromagnetic Insulators for Spintronics Applications - Alexey Kovalev (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-2 Fields and Strings I (DTP) / Champs et cordes I (DPT) - Mark Van Raamsdonk (UBC) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) de Sitter space in string landscape - Prof. Keshav Dasgupta   ()
11:50 AM (I) Nonrelativistic Strings and Exotic Geometries - Dr Ziqi Yan (Nordita)   ()
11:55 AM (I) Generalized ’t Hooft Anomalies and Gauge Dynamics - Prof. Erich Poppitz (University of Toronto)   ()
12:00 PM Constraining effective theories using causality - Simon Caron-Huot   ()
12:03 PM Holographic Complexity and Black Hole Thermodynamic Volume - Robert Mann (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:06 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
11:45 AM
W1-3 Quantum I (DPE) / Quantique I (DEP) - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Looking back at a decade of teaching undergraduate Quantum Computing - Shohini Ghose   ()
12:15 PM Reasoning about uncertainty and measurement in classical and quantum mechanics - Natasha Holmes (Cornell University)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-4 Medical applications of Imaging - Part I (DPMB/DAPI) / Applications médicales de l'imagerie - Partie 1 (DPMB/DPAI) - Dan Xiao (University of Windsor) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Photon-Counting X-ray Detectors: A New Generation of Medical X-ray Imaging - Jesse Tanguay (Ryerson University)   ()
12:15 PM Advanced Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging at 0.5-Tesla?... This is not your parent’s MRI! - Steven Beyea   ()
12:20 PM Design of 1.0T conduction cooled superconducitng magnet for intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging - Wenlong Bian (Alltech Medical System)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-5 Plasma for biomedical application (DPP) / Plasma pour applications biomédicales (DPP) - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan) (until 12:35 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Plasma jet as a source of carbon monoxide (CO) for biomedical applications - Claire Douat (GREMI - CNRS - University of Orleans)   ()
12:10 PM (I) Non-thermal plasma for cancer treatment, influence of the discharge mode on the cytotoxicity of a radio-frequency plasma jet - Dr Jean-Sébastien Boisvert (McGill University and CRCHUM)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-6 Cosmology in the Past Century I (DHP) / Cosmologie au siècle précédent I (DHP) - Louis Marchildon (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Multiples in Scientific Discovery - Prof. James Peebles (Princeton University)   ()
12:15 PM --- Discussion Period ---
11:45 AM
W1-7 Nuclei & Astrophysics III (DNP) / Noyaux et astrophysique III (DPN) - Gregory Christian (Saint Mary's University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Fusion in massive stars: Pushing the 12C+12C cross-section to the limits with the STELLA experiment at IPN Orsay - Dr David Jenkins (York University, UK)   ()
12:10 PM New measurements of the 17O(alpha,gamma)21Ne reaction - Matthew Williams (TRIUMF)   ()
12:20 PM Measurement of the $^7$Be($\alpha,\gamma$)$^{11}$C reaction with DRAGON for neutrino-driven wind nucleosynthesis - Athanasios Psaltis (McMaster University)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-8 Exotic Matter I (DNP) / Matière exotique I (DPN) - Jonathan Zarling (University of Regina) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) The impact of nuclear structure on constraints of neutron star structure - Zach Meisel (Ohio University)   ()
12:10 PM (G*) The Effect of Nucleonic Interaction on Neutrinos from Neutron Star Black Hole Mergers - Rajan Anderson (University of Guelph)   ()
12:20 PM (G*) The decay of the $b_{1}$(1235) meson through the $\omega \pi$ channel at GlueX - Mr karthik suresh (University of Regina)   ()
11:45 AM
W1-9 Superconductors and other Quantum Materials (DCMMP) / Supraconducteurs et autres matériaux quantiques (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) T-linear resistivity from an isotropic Planckian scattering rate - Gael Grissonnanche (Cornell University)   ()
11:50 AM --- Questions & answers ---
11:54 AM (I) Pushing the Size of the Quantum Cluster Numerical Simulations - Maxime Charlebois (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)   ()
11:59 AM --- Questions & answers ---
12:03 PM (I) Vanishing nematic order beyond the pseudogap phase in overdoped cuprate superconductors - David Hawthorn (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:12 PM (I) Quantum materials at the atomic scale - Adina Luican-Mayer (University of Ottawa)   ()
12:17 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:21 PM (I) Large Kondo Effect in molecule-linked Au Nanoparticles Assemblies - Al-Amin Dhirani (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto)   ()
12:26 PM --- Questions & answers ---
10:00 AM
R-PLEN-1 NSERC Community Update - C. Harrison (NSERC) , S. Ellison (Evaluation Group Chair) and Rituparna Kanungo (Chair of CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee) / Information sur la communauté du CRSNG - C. Harrison (CRSNG) et S. Ellison (président du groupe d’évaluation) et Rituparna Kanungo (président du comité de liaison ACP-CRSNG) - Ubi Wichoski (Laurentian University) (until 11:00 AM) ()
11:00 AM
R-PLEN-2 Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, U. New Hampshire - (CAP/EDI) (ACP/EDI) Sponsored by TRIUMF - Kevin Hewitt (Dalhousie University) (until 11:30 AM) ()
11:00 AM The Right to Know and Love the Night Sky - Prof. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (University of New Hampshire)   ()
11:30 AM --- 15 Minute Break ---
11:45 AM
R1-1 Progress towards Gender Equity in Physics (DGEP) / Progrès vers l'égalité des genres en physique (DEGP) - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM --- Introduction of the panelists and overview of the session theme (live) ---
11:55 AM (I) Good IDEA! Promoting excellence in science through Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (flipped) - Shohini Ghose (Wilfrid Laurier University)   ()
12:01 PM (I) Equality and diversity in Physics: A UK perspective (flipped) - Dr David Jenkins (York University, UK)   ()
12:07 PM (I) LGBT+ Climate in Physics (flipped) - Dr Elena Long (University of New Hampshire)   ()
12:16 PM --- Discussion, Q & A (live) ---
11:45 AM
R1-2 Labs II (DPE) / Laboratoires II (DEP) - Patricia Mitchler (Canadian Association of Physicists) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Three advanced lab experiments on fluids and pattern formation - Stephen Morris (University of Toronto)   ()
12:15 PM (G*) Dissipative coupling in a classical system - Chenyang Jerry Lu (University of Manitoba)   ()
11:45 AM
R1-3 Biophotonics I (DAMOPC/DPMB) / Biophotonique I (DPAMPC/DPMB) - Nisha Agarwal (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Quantitative label-free vibrational spectroscopic imaging and analysis in medical physics - Prof. Sangeeta Murugkar (Carleton University)   ()
12:10 PM (U*) The Use of Silver Microparticles for Spectrum Emission Enhancement During Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Bacterial Specimens. - Haiqa Arain (University of Windsor)   ()
11:45 AM
R1-4 History of Physics II (DHP) / Histoire de la physique II (DHP) - Patrick Clancy (McMaster University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) Hunting for Lost Nazi Uranium - Prof. Timothy William Koeth (University of Maryland (US))   ()
12:15 PM --- Discussion Period ---
11:45 AM
R1-5 Theory II (DNP) / Théorie II (DPN) - Rituparna Kanungo (Saint Mary's University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (I) A universal holographic wavefunction for light hadrons - Prof. Ruben Sandapen (Acadia University)   ()
12:10 PM (G*) Applications of ab initio nuclear theory to tests of fundamental symmetries - Michael Gennari (TRIUMF)   ()
12:20 PM (G*) Statistical studies of astrophysical reaction network calculations with correlated uncertainties of nuclear observables - Mr Yukiya Saito (The University of British Columbia / TRIUMF)   ()
11:45 AM
R1-6 Particle Theory (DTP) / Théorie des particules (DPT) - Yue Zhang (Carleton University) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM Neutrino self-interactions and sterile neutrino dark matter - Manibrata Sen   ()
11:48 AM (G*) Exploring Direct Detection Suppressed Regions in a Simple 2-Scalar Mediator Model of Scalar Dark Matter - Jérôme Claude (Carleton University)   ()
11:51 AM (G*) NLO effects on light tetraquark mass estimates using QCD sum rules - Barbara Cid Mora (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
11:54 AM SU(2) lattice gauge theory on a quantum annealer - Emanuele Mendicelli (University of York (Toronto, Canada))   ()
11:57 AM Fixed target probes for the Higgs portal - Mr Saeid Foroughi-Abari (University of Victoria)   ()
12:00 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
11:45 AM
R1-7 Contributed Talks IV (DCMMP) / Conférences soumises IV (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM Tuning the Electro-Optical Properties of Nanowire Networks - Koorosh Esteki (University of Calgary)   ()
11:48 AM --- Questions & answers ---
11:50 AM (U*) Simulation of Two Polymers Confined to a Box-Like Cavity: The Effect of Anisotropies in Polymer Length and Confinement Dimensions - Desiree Rehel (N/A)   ()
11:53 AM --- Questions & answers ---
11:55 AM (G*) Raman response modelling in multiband superconductors with competing order parameter symmetries - Igor Benek-Lins (Concordia University)   ()
11:58 AM --- Questions & answers ---
12:00 PM (G*) Magic-angle orientation selectivity in two-pulse EPR COSY (correlation spectroscopy) sequence: Distance measurements in biological systems - Hamidreza Salahi (Concordia University)   ()
12:03 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:05 PM (G*) Triangular Pair-Density-Wave in Confined Superfluid 3He - Mr Pramodh Senarath Yapa (University of Alberta)   ()
12:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:10 PM (G*) Quantum dots as probes for topological materials - Nicolas Delnour (University of Montreal)   ()
12:13 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:15 PM (G*) Observation of synchronization and Bloch sphere state trajectories in dissipatively coupled electrical oscillators - Mun Kim (University of Manitoba)   ()
12:18 PM --- Questions & answers ---
11:45 AM
R1-8 Test Facility II (PPD) / Installations pour tests II (PPD) - Silvia Scorza (SNOLAB) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (G*) Super-Kamiokande PMT characterizations using artificial magnetic field and robotic laser-equipped arms - Vincent Gousy-Leblanc (University of Victoria)   ()
11:55 AM (G*) Measuring Single Event Upset Cross Sections and Other Radiation Effects in Readout Electronics for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade - Matthew Basso (University of Toronto (CA))   ()
12:15 PM (G*) The Light-only Liquid Xenon experiment - Status and Updates - Soud Al Kharusi (McGill University)   ()
11:45 AM
R1-9 Plasma processes for material synthesis II (DPP) / Procédés de plasmas pour la synthèse de matériaux II (DPP) - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan) (until 12:30 PM) ()
11:45 AM (G*) Influence of pulsed gas injections on the stability of Townsend dielectric barrier discharges in nitrogen at atmospheric pressure - Ms Laura Cacot (University of montreal)   ()
12:00 PM (I) Inductively-coupled RF plasma: a versatile tool to synthesize functional materials and advanced ceramics - Prof. Jocelyn Veilleux (Université de Sherbrooke)   ()
12:25 PM --- Open discussion period ---
10:45 AM --- See 17h30 time slot below for Post-Congress scheduled events / meetings ---
11:25 AM
F1-1 Joint CINP-IPP Session / Session conjointe ICPN-IPP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) Garth Huber (University of Regina) (until 2:10 PM) ()
11:30 AM NSERC SAPES Chair Report (20 min + 5 min for questions) - Alison Lister (University of British Columbia (CA))   ()
11:55 AM CFI Report (10 min + 5 min for questions) - Olivier Gagnon (Fondation canadienne pour l'innovation)   ()
12:10 PM TRIUMF Director Report (20 min + 5 min for questions) - Nigel Smith (TRIUMF)   ()
12:35 PM SNOLAB Director Report (15 min + 5 min for questions) - Clarence Virtue (SNOLAB)   ()
12:55 PM McDonald Institute Update (10 min + 5 min for questions) - Tony Noble (Queen's University)   ()
1:10 PM SAP LRPC (25 min + 15 min for questions) - Brigitte Vachon (McGill University, (CA)) Adam Ritz   ()
1:50 PM --- General Discussion period ---
12:00 PM
S-HS High School Teacher Workshop on Quantum Computing / Atelier des enseignant(e)s du secondaire sur l'informatique quantique - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 5:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM --- Break 60 minutes ---
6:00 PM
S-HERZ Herzberg Memorial Lecture / Conférence commémorative Herzberg - Robert Thompson (University of Calgary) (until 7:15 PM) ()
6:00 PM Quanta of the Third Kind: Anyons - Prof. Frank Wilczek (MIT, Shanghai Jiao Tong U, ASU, Stockholm U.)   ()
7:00 PM --- Questions and answers ---
12:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
12:45 PM
M2-1 Interaction between matter and light (DAMOPC) / Interaction entre matière et lumière (DPAMPC) - Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Ionization of biologically relevant molecules studied with an independent atom model including geometric overlap - Prof. Tom Kirchner (York University)   ()
12:50 PM (I) Many-body QED with atoms and photons - Prof. Kyung Choi (University of Waterloo)   ()
12:55 PM Light-matter Interaction in Plasmonic Nanohybrids - Dr Mahi Singh (Western)   ()
12:59 PM (G*) Two-photon decay rates in heliumlike ions: finite nuclear mass effects$^*$ - Aaron Bondy   ()
1:03 PM Resonant laser ionization spectroscopy to study Rydberg and autoionizing states - Dr Ruohong Li (TRIUMF)   ()
1:07 PM Selective Laser Ablation Ion-Trap Loading of $^{137}\mathrm{Ba}^+$ - Brendan White (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:11 PM --- Group discussion ---
12:45 PM
M2-10 Machine learning in HEP & Novel reconstruction techniques I (PPD) / Apprentissage automatique en PHE et nouvelles techniques de reconstruction I (PPD) - Eric Drechsler (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 1:40 PM) ()
12:45 PM Machine learning techniques for improving water Cherenkov event reconstruction - Nick Prouse (TRIUMF)   ()
1:00 PM (G*) Muon Track Reconstruction for the P-ONE Neutrino Telescope - Dilraj Ghuman (Queens University)   ()
1:10 PM (G*) Machine Learning for Energy Reconstruction at ATLAS - Lucas Alexander Polson (University of Victoria (CA))   ()
1:20 PM Particle identification at the CERN NA62 experiment using Convolutional Neural Networks - Bob Velghe (TRIUMF (CA))   ()
1:30 PM (G*) Parameter estimation of gravitational waves over non-Gaussian transient noise - Yannick Lecoeuche (University of British Columbia)   ()
12:45 PM
M2-2 Classical and Quantum Gravity II (DTP) / Gravité classique et quantique II (DPT) - Sanjeev Seahra (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Unruh-DeWitt Detector Differentiation of Black Holes and Exotic Compact Objects - Dr Chen Zhang (University of Toronto and University of Waterloo)   ()
12:48 PM Effective Raychaudhuri equation and black hole singularity resolution - Saeed Rastgoo (York University)   ()
12:51 PM Quantum Detection of Inertial Frame Dragging - Dr David Kubiznak (Perimeter Institute/University of Waterloo)   ()
12:54 PM Falcon all-sky searches for continuous waves: results, outliers and artifacts. - Vladimir Dergachev (AEI Hannover)   ()
12:57 PM (G*) Prospects for Reconstructing the Gravitational Wave Signal from Core-Collapse Supernovae in the LIGO-Virgo Advanced Detector Era - Mr Nayyer Raza   ()
1:00 PM (G*) Asymptotically Anti-de Sitter Gravitational Solitons - Turkuler Durgut (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
1:03 PM (G*) Prospects for measuring off-axis spins of binary black hole sources with A+/AdV+ - Alan Knee (University of British Columbia)   ()
1:06 PM Hot qubits on the horizon - Gregory Kaplanek   ()
1:09 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
12:45 PM
M2-3 Physics and Computing I (DPE) / Physique et calcul I (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Training Physicists in Software Development: The Case of a Machine Learning Course - Pooya Ronagh (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:15 PM --- Discussion about teaching coding in physics programs ---
12:45 PM
M2-4 DPMB 101 - Part 2 (DPMB) / DPMB 101 - Partie 2 (DPMB) - Melanie Campbell (University of Waterloo) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Neutrons in Medicine - Fiona McNeill (McMaster University)   ()
12:45 PM
M2-5 Superheavies and Instrumentation (DNP) / Superlourds et Instrumentation (DPN) - Gordon Ball (TRIUMF) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) The Power of Mass-Number Identifications for Heavy Element Experiments - Jennifer Pore (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
1:10 PM β-delayed neutron emission studies – How storage rings can provide a complimentary measurement technique - Christopher Griffin (TRIUMF)   ()
1:20 PM Resonant Ionization Laser Ion Source at TRIUMF - Dr Jens Lassen (TRIUMF)   ()
12:45 PM
M2-6 Spectroscopy III (DNP) / Spectroscopie III (DPN) - Kris Starosta (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (G*) The Spin Flip Pulse in the TUCAN EDM Experiment - Sean Vanbergen (TRIUMF)   ()
12:55 PM (G*) Simulating DAEMON: A new complementary neutron detector for the GRIFFIN decay station - Harris Bidaman (University of Guelph)   ()
1:05 PM Experimental $\beta$-decay and $\beta$-delayed neutron branching ratios for Se and Br isotopes at N$\approx$60 - Roger Caballero-Folch (TRIUMF)   ()
1:15 PM (G*) Integrated photon-sensor tests for nEXO - Mr Lucas Darroch (Graduate Student)   ()
12:45 PM
M2-7 Accelerator Applications (DAPI) / Applications d'accélérateurs (DPAI) - Mark Boland (Canadian Light Source) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Secondary Particle Production for Fundamental Science at TRIUMF - Alexander Gottberg (TRIUMF (CA))   ()
12:55 PM (I) Medical isotope production and research with IAMI at TRIUMF - Cornelia Hoehr (TRIUMF)   ()
1:05 PM Ultrafast Electron Scattering for Materials Research - Prof. Bradley Siwick (McGill University)   ()
1:10 PM (G*) Characterization of the Isobar Separator for Anions for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry measurements - Erin L. Flannigan (University of Ottawa)   ()
1:15 PM (G*) Negative Ion Source Development for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry - Collin Tiessen (Andre E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab)   ()
1:20 PM Development of an isotopic biodosimeter to assess radon gas exposure - Mr Behnam Ashrafkhani (University of Calgary)   ()
12:45 PM
M2-8 Contributed Talks I (DCMMP) / Conférences soumises I (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM When does entropy promote local organization? - Prof. Greg van Anders (Queen's University)   ()
12:48 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:50 PM Magneto-Thermal Conductivity Oscillations in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Nodal Superconductors - Bill Atkinson (Trent University)   ()
12:53 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:55 PM Lanczos recursion on a quantum computer for the Green's function and ground state - Dr Thomas Baker (University of York)   ()
12:58 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:00 PM Anomalously fast cooling and heating in a colloidal system - John Bechhoefer (Simon Fraser University)   ()
1:03 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:05 PM Constructing two-dimensional molecular networks on metal surfaces: a scanning tunneling microscopy study - Prof. Mark Gallagher (Lakehead University)   ()
1:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:10 PM Sea spray freezing measurements with MRI and portable NMR - Dr Igor Mastikhin (University of New Brunswick)   ()
1:13 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:15 PM Untangling time scales in entanglement growth in the disordered Fermi Hubbard model - Rachel Wortis (Trent University)   ()
1:18 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:45 PM
M2-9 Dark matter experiment and Channel of detection II (PPD) / Expérience sur la matière sombre et canal de détection II (PPD) - Simon Viel (Carleton University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Solar KK axion search with NEWS-G - Francisco Andres Vazquez de Sola (Queen's University)   ()
12:55 PM (G*) The stability of the DEAP-3600 dark matter detector and projected sensitivities for time-varying signals - Gurpreet Kaur (Carleton University)   ()
1:05 PM (G*) Dark Sector Portals & New Anomalously Penetrating Particles at the LHC with the MoEDAL-MAPP Experiment - Michael Staelens   ()
1:15 PM Dark Matter Search with a low-threshold SuperCDMS HVeV detector - Ziqing Hong (University of Toronto)   ()
1:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
1:45 PM
M-SCIPOL Science Policy Workshop / Atelier de politique scientifique - Maikel Rheinstadter (McMaster University) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (I) ‘em jlHvaD Hoch The Science (& Art) of Compelling Storytelling - Lorna Somers   ()
1:45 PM
M-SOCIAL Networking/Social Activities / Maillage et activités sociales (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:55 PM
M-PPD Thesis prize winner talks (PPD) / Conférences des lauréats de meilleures thèses (PPD) - Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:55 PM (I) First application of CsI(Tl) pulse shape discrimination at an $e^+ e^-$ collider to improve particle identification at the Belle II experiment - Savino Longo (University of Victoria)   ()
2:20 PM (I) Measurements of Z boson production in association with two jets using the ATLAS Run-II dataset - Stephen Weber (Carleton University (CA))   ()
2:45 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
3:00 PM
M-PLEN-2 Avery Broderick, Univ. of Waterloo / PI (DTP/PPD) (DPT/PPD) - Mark Walton (University of Lethbridge) (until 3:30 PM) ()
3:00 PM Unmasking Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope - Avery Broderick   ()
3:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
3:45 PM
M3-1 Nonlinear and Quantum Optics (DAMOPC) / Optique non linéaire et optique quantique (DPAMPC) - Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Nonlinear Atomic Force Microscopy - Karl-Peter Marzlin (St. Francis Xavier University)   ()
3:50 PM (I) Prospects for quantum computing with Ba+ ions - Prof. Crystal Senko (University of Waterloo)   ()
3:55 PM (I) Polarization control of spontaneous emission for rapid quantum state initialization - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor)   ()
4:00 PM Time-resolved spectroscopy of Xe giant plasmonic resonance by in situ measurement method - Dr Dong Hyuk Ko (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:04 PM (U*) Connection between non-analyticities and universal structures in many-body systems - David Linteau (McGill University)   ()
4:08 PM Multidimensional Raman Solitons as Drivers of the High Harmonic Generation Process - Katherine Légaré (INRS)   ()
4:12 PM (G*) Broadband and high sensitivity THz system with grating-assisted noncollinear phase-matching - Wei Cui (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:16 PM (U*) Calculation of High Harmonic Spectrum from a 1D periodic potential - Shubham Kukreja (University of Windsor)   ()
4:20 PM High Harmonic Generation and Strong Field Dynamics in a Wannier Basis - Guilmot Ernotte (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:24 PM --- Group discussion ---
3:45 PM
M3-2 Physics and Computing II (DPE) / Physique et calcul II (DEP) - Patricia Mitchler (Canadian Association of Physicists) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Building computation skills into our physics program - Michael Massa (University of Guelph)   ()
4:15 PM Covid-19 project: What a physics instructor learned by working with engineering coop students to create open probl - Jennifer Kirkey (Douglas College)   ()
3:45 PM
M3-3 MR and PET Imaging - Part 1 (DPMB) / Imagerie RM et TEP - Partie 1 (DPMB) - Emily Heath (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Comparison of Cylindrical and Spherical Geometric Models to Infer Cell Sizes in a Celery Sample - Sheryl Herrera (University of Winnipeg)   ()
3:50 PM Medical Image Fusion Based on Modified Parameter- Adaptive Simplified Pulse-Coupled Neural Network - Xiumei Yin (Anhui University)   ()
3:55 PM Inferring axon diameters in white matter tracts of the live mouse brain - Melissa Anderson (University of Manitoba)   ()
4:00 PM (G*) Mapping Magnetic Field Around Metal with Pure Phase Encoding Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Ms Layale Bazzi (University of Windsor)   ()
4:05 PM (G*) Cariporide Effects on Intracellular pH (pHi) Using CEST-MRI in Rat Model of Glioblastoma - Maryam Mozaffari (Department of Medical Biophysics, Robarts Research Institute, Western University)   ()
4:10 PM (G*) The Use of a Novel Sampling/Reconstruction Method for Non-Proton and Low Field MRI - Samuel Perron (University of Western Ontario)   ()
4:15 PM Monte Carlo Simulation for Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Measurements - Mr Tristhal Parasram (University of Windsor)   ()
3:45 PM
M3-4 Black Holes (DTP) / Trous noirs (DPT) - Masoud Ghezelbash (University of saskatchewan) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Unexpectedly exciting axisymmetric apparent horizons - Ivan Booth (Memorial University)   ()
3:48 PM The fate of apparent horizons in a binary black hole merger - Robie Hennigar   ()
3:51 PM (G*) Marginally Outer Trapped (Open) Surfaces in 4+1 Dimensional Spacetimes - Sarah Muth (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
3:54 PM (G*) The many marginally outer trapped surfaces of Schwarzschild spacetime - Kam To Billy Chan (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
3:57 PM Magnetic Modes of Gravitational Collapse - Shantanu Basu (University of Western Ontario)   ()
4:00 PM (U*) Black Hole Heat Engines and Critical Behaviour - Sierra Jess (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:03 PM (U*) Efficiency of Black Hole Heat Engines and Universality - Maria DiMarco (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:06 PM (G*) Thermodynamics of Exotic Gauss-Bonnet Black Holes - Brayden Hull (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:09 PM (G*) Signatures of Primordial Black Holes in theories of Large Extra Dimensions - Avi Friedlander (Queen's University)   ()
4:12 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
3:45 PM
M3-5 Nuclei & Astrophysics I (DNP) / Noyaux et astrophysique I (DPN) - Greg Hackman (TRIUMF) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Exotic Nuclear Decay at the Limits of Stability - Prof. Gwen Grinyer (University of Regina)   ()
4:10 PM Using the DRAGON to understand pollution in globular clusters - Philip Adsley (Wits/iThemba LABS)   ()
4:20 PM Direct measurement of the $^{26m}$Al(${\it p}$,$\gamma$)$^{27}$Si reaction at DRAGON using an isomeric radioactive ion beam - Annika Lennarz (TRIUMF)   ()
3:45 PM
M3-6 Traps I (DNP) / Pièges I (DPN) - Matthew Williams (TRIUMF) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Towards measuring the Fierz interference parameter in 6He β decay from a Penning trap using the CRES technique - Prof. Dan Melconian (Texas A&M)   ()
4:10 PM (G*) Mass investigations at the intersection of the N=82 shell closure and the proton drip-line - Brian Kootte (TRIUMF/University of Manitoba)   ()
3:45 PM
M3-7 Jules Carbotte Memorial (DCMMP) / En mémoire de Jules Carbotte (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Disordered array superconducting loop-based synaptic networks and neurons for neuromorphic computing - Robert Dynes (University of California San Diego)   ()
3:55 PM (I) Remembering Jules Carbotte - Bill Atkinson (Trent University)   ()
4:05 PM (I) Eliashberg Theory and Jules Carbotte - Frank Marsiglio (University of Alberta)   ()
4:15 PM --- Discussion, comments, and contributions ---
3:45 PM
M3-8 Applied Physics (DAPI) / Physique appliquée (DPAI) - Steffon Luoma (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Robust Design from Systems Physics - Prof. Greg van Anders (Queen's University)   ()
3:50 PM Functionalized surfaces of graphene field effect transistors for gas sensing - Dr Natalia Alzate-Carvajal   ()
3:55 PM Development of graphene-based field-effect transistor (GFET) sensors for a simulant of chemical warfare agents - Dr Ranjana Rautela   ()
4:00 PM Optically enhanced gas sensing performance of graphene field effect transistors - Dr Jaewoo Park (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:05 PM Multilayer Graphene as Adaptive Thermal Camouflage - Saher Hamid (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:10 PM Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers formed on digitally photocorroded surfaces of (001) GaAs - Mr René St-Onge (Laboratory for Quantum Semiconductors and Photon-based BioNanotechnology, Laboratoire Nanotechnologies Nanosystèmes (LN2) - CNRS UMI-3463, Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Université́ de Sherbrooke)   ()
4:15 PM Measuring water depth on an inclined road - Louis Poirier (National Research Council Canada)   ()
4:20 PM (G*) Molybdenum stable isotope measurements of petroleum coke in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region - Courtney Kruschel   ()
4:25 PM (G*) Self-witnessing coherent imaging for artifact removal and noise filtering in laser keyhole welding - Tessa Krause (Queen's University)   ()
3:45 PM
M3-9 Exploring the Energy and Precision Frontier I (PPD) / Frontière d'énergie et de précision I (PPD) - Alison Lister (University of British Columbia (CA)) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Highlights ATLAS experiment - Tony Kwan (McGill University, (CA))   ()
4:10 PM (G*) Characterizing the Higgs Boson at the LHC - Robin Hayes (University of British Columbia (CA))   ()
4:20 PM (G*) The Search for Evidence of Vector Boson Scattering Between a Photon and a W Boson with the ATLAS Detector - John Patrick Mc Gowan (McGill University, (CA))   ()
4:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
4:45 PM
M4-1 Optical spectroscopy (DAMOPC) / Spectroscopie optique (DPAMPC) - Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Radiative efficiency and global warming potential of fluorinated greenhouse gases - Prof. Karine Le Bris (St. Francis Xavier University)   ()
4:50 PM (I) On the validity of many-mode Floquet theory - Prof. James Martin (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:55 PM In source laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of radioactive isotopes - Jens Lassen (TRIUMF)   ()
4:59 PM Emergence of light-induced states in the few-photon ionization of atomic helium* - Aaron Bondy   ()
5:03 PM --- Group discussion ---
4:45 PM
M4-2 MR and PET Imaging - Part 2 (DPMB) / Imagerie RM et TEP - Partie 2 (DPMB) - Emily Heath (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (G*) Multi-modal PET-MR imaging of the selective activation of serotonergic neurons in living rodent brains with DREADD technology - Jarrad Perron (University of Manitoba)   ()
4:50 PM (G*) Measuring calcium isotopic composition in the body to understand metabolic processes. - Dorothy Walls (University of Calgary)   ()
4:55 PM (G*) Simultaneous Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI and [15O]water PET Multi-Modal Imaging: A Proof of Concept Study - Ramanpreet Sembhi (The University of Western Ontario)   ()
5:00 PM (G*) On the rationale for a standardized pre-clinical segmentation technique in PET pharmacokinetic - Philippe Laporte (Université de Montréal)   ()
5:05 PM (G*) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Acquisition Acceleration and Feature Detection with Dictionary Learning - Mr Mark Armstrong (University of Windsor)   ()
5:10 PM (G*) Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry with Neural Networks - Mr Tristhal Parasram (University of Windsor)   ()
5:15 PM Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Multi-Attentional Mechanisms using Brain PET Image - Yonglin Chen (Anhui University)   ()
4:45 PM
M4-3 Teaching and EDI I/Enseignement et EDI I (DPE/DGEP) - Patricia Mitchler (Canadian Association of Physicists) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM Sky Stories: The Art of Science Outreach - Prof. Svetlana Barkanova (Grenfell Campus of Memorial University)   ()
5:00 PM University of Winnipeg Undergraduate Programs to Encourage Indigenous Students to Undertake Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering - Melanie Martin (University of Winnipeg)   ()
4:45 PM
M4-4 Cosmology (DTP) / Cosmologie (DPT) - Levon Pogosian (Simon Fraser University) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM Gravitational Waves interacting with matter in cosmology - Arundhati Dasgupta (University of Lethbridge)   ()
4:48 PM Matter-Geometry Entanglement in Quantum Cosmology - Viqar Husain (University of New Brunswick)   ()
4:51 PM Cosmology on the Beach: a formal analogy - Valerio Faraoni (Bishop's University)   ()
4:54 PM On the quantum origin of a dark universe - Saurya Das (University of Lethbridge)   ()
4:57 PM (G*) Bubble Nucleation Events are Correlated - Dalila Pirvu (Perimeter Institute / University of Waterloo)   ()
5:00 PM (G*) Cosmological perturbation theory with matter time. - Mr Mustafa Saeed (University of New Brunswick)   ()
5:03 PM (G*) Gravitational Wave Backgrounds from Low Scale Inflation - Simran Nerval (Queen's University)   ()
5:06 PM (G*) Sub-GeV Dark Vector Bosons and their Impacts on Cosmology - John Coffey (University of Victoria)   ()
5:09 PM kSZ Tomography with Foregrounds and Systematics - Richard Bloch (York University)   ()
5:12 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
4:45 PM
M4-5 Nuclei & Astrophysics II (DNP) / Noyaux et astrophysique II (DPN) - Barry Davids (TRIUMF) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Direct and indirect measurements of charged-particle capture reactions - Prof. Gregory Christian (Saint Mary's University)   ()
5:10 PM Nuclear polarization by optical pumping at TRIUMF - Ruohong Li (TRIUMF)   ()
5:20 PM (G*) A Measurement of Zinc-65 Using Data from the KDK Experiment - Lilianna Hariasz (Queen's University)   ()
4:45 PM
M4-6 Traps II (DNP) / Pièges II (DPN) - Zisis Papandreou (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Novel ion-trap techniques for precision studies of exotic radionuclides and radioactive molecules - Dr Stephan Malbrunot-Ettenauer (CERN)   ()
5:10 PM (G*) Exploring the limits of existence of heavy, neutron-deficient nuclei - Eleni Marina Lykiardopoulou (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, TRIUMF)   ()
5:20 PM (G*) Charting the $N = 40$ Island of Inversion with neutron-rich iron isotopes at TITAN - William Porter (TRIUMF/UBC)   ()
4:45 PM
M4-7 Exploring the Energy and Precision Frontier II (PPD) / Frontière d'énergie et de précision II (PPD) - Alison Lister (University of British Columbia (CA)) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (G*) Measurement of Beam Polarization with Tau Polarimetry for a Potential SuperKEKB Upgrade - Caleb Miller (University of Victoria)   ()
4:55 PM (G*) Precision measurement of the Z-boson transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector - Ben Davis-Purcell (Carleton University (CA))   ()
5:05 PM (G*) Spin Rotator Design for the SuperKEKB High Energy Ring in a Proposed Polarization Upgrade - Mr Yuhao Peng   ()
5:15 PM (G*) Search for heavy resonances decaying into a pair of Z bosons with the ATLAS detector - Joseph Carter (University of Toronto (CA))   ()
12:00 PM
TS4-2 Probing the nature of Neutrino (PPD Neutrino Physics and Beyond Symposium) / La nature du neutrino (Symposium PPD sur la physique du neutrino et au delà) - David McKeen (TRIUMF) (until 12:45 PM) ()
12:00 PM (I) Status of the SNO+ experiment - Dr Ryan Bayes (Laurentian University)   ()
12:20 PM (I) Current Status of the nEXO Experiment - Dr Erica Caden (SNOLAB)   ()
12:45 PM --- TS1-2 Break ---
12:45 PM --- TS4-2 Break ---
1:01 PM
TS4-3 Accelerator-based Neutrino experiment (PPD Neutrino Physics and Beyond Symposium) / Expériences sur neutrinos par accélérateur (Symposium PPD sur la physique des neutrinos et au delà) - Deborah Harris (until 1:45 PM) ()
1:01 PM (I) The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment DUNE: review and recent progress - Claire David (York University (CA))   ()
1:21 PM (I) The T2K, Super-Kamiokande, and Hyper-Kamiokande Experiments - Patrick de Perio (TRIUMF)   ()
1:29 PM
TS1-3 Dark Matter (DTP Symposium on Cosmology: James Peebles Nobel Celebration) / Matière sombre (Symposium DPT sur la cosmologie: le prix Nobel de James Peebles) - Robert Brandenberger (McGill University) (until 3:10 PM) ()
1:30 PM (I) Making Universal Axions - Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (University of New Hampshire)   ()
1:55 PM (I) The cosmology of sub-MeV dark matter freeze-in - Katelin Schutz (UC Berkeley)   ()
2:20 PM (I) New Directions for Dark Matter - Dr Evan McDonough (University of Chicago)   ()
2:45 PM (I) Asymmetric Dark Matter in Main Sequence Stars - Aaron Vincent (Queen's University)   ()
1:30 PM
TS-6-2 CAP-COMP Medical Physics (DPMB Symposium) / Physique médicale ACP-OCPM (Symposium DPMB) - Cornelia Hoehr (TRIUMF) (until 3:15 PM) ()
1:30 PM (I) A Generalizable and Efficient Deep Learning Algorithm for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in 3D Ultrasound - Nathan Orlando (Western University)   ()
2:00 PM Optical fibers as dosimeter detector for proton/neutron fields – a biological dosimeter - Ms Jana Niedermeier (TRIUMF)   ()
2:05 PM (G*) Three-dimensional tumor spheroids as a tool to optimize the nano-bio interface - Kyle Bromma (University of Victoria)   ()
2:10 PM Combining gold nanoparticles with other radiosensitizers for unlocking the full potential of cancer radiotherapy - Devika Chithrani (University of Victoria)   ()
2:15 PM (I) Use of Light Absorbing Polymers for Quantitative Measure of Ionizing Radiation Dose: Challenges and Opportunities - Dr Alexandra Rink (Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University of Toronto, University Health Network)   ()
2:45 PM Evaluating Machine Learning Models in Predicting the Dose Distribution Index in Radiation Treatment Planning QA - Dr James Chow (University of Toronto)   ()
2:50 PM An AI-assisted Chatbot for Education in Radiotherapy - Dr James Chow (University of Toronto)   ()
2:55 PM (G*) Characterization of modified radiochromic materials for measuring ionizing radiation - Rohith Kaiyum (York university)   ()
3:00 PM --- TS-6-2 Break (15 minutes) ---
1:45 PM --- TS4-3 Break ---
2:45 PM
TS4-4 Solar, cosmic, extragalactic neutrinos I (PPD Neutrino Physics and Beyond Symposium) / Neutrinos solaires, cosmiques et extragalactiques I (Symposium PPD sur la physique des neutrinos et au delà) - Deborah Harris (until 3:30 PM) ()
2:45 PM (I) Multi-messenger astrophysics with gravitational waves - Dr Jess McIver (The University of British Columbia)   ()
3:05 PM (I) Studying neutrino properties with neutrino telescopes - Juan Pablo Yanez Garza   ()
3:10 PM --- TS1-3 Break ---
3:15 PM
TS-6-3 Biosensory Physics (DPMB Symposium) / Physique des biocapteurs (Symposium DPMB) - Ozzy Mermut (York University) (until 5:00 PM) ()
3:15 PM Optical Bio-Sensing at the Brain-Machine Interface - Christopher Barrett (McGill U.)   ()
3:45 PM (I) Synchrony in the auditory periphery - Christopher Bergevin (York University)   ()
4:15 PM (I) (Learning) visual representations - Joel Zylberberg (York University)   ()
4:45 PM Reaction-diffusion modeling of neurotransmitter processing at a high frequency synapse - Bela Joos (University of Ottawa)   ()
3:30 PM --- TS4-4 Break ---
3:44 PM
TS1-4 Early Universe (DTP Symposium on Cosmology: James Peebles Nobel Celebration) / L'univers jeune (Symposium DPT sur la cosmologie: le prix Nobel de James Peebles) (until 5:00 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Some challenges for theoretical cosmology - Edward Wilson-Ewing (University of New Brunswick)   ()
4:10 PM (I) Spectrum of Cuscuton Bounce - Ghazal Geshnizjani (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:35 PM (I) Discriminating between theories of the very early universe - Jerome Quintin (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)   ()
3:45 PM
TS4-5 Solar, cosmic, extragalactic neutrinos II (PPD Neutrino Physics and Beyond Symposium) / Neutrinos solaires, cosmiques et extragalactiques II (Symposium PPD sur la physique des neutrinos et au delà) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:50 PM (I) The future of high-energy neutrino flavour and the search for new physics - Aaron Vincent (Queen's University)   ()
4:10 PM (I) Multi-messenger astronomy and neutrinos - Dr Liliana Caballero Suarez (University of Guelph)   ()
4:30 PM --- TS4-5 Break ---
4:45 PM
TS4-6 Neutrinos and more (PPD Neutrino Physics and Beyond Symposium) / Neutrinos et davantage (Symposium PPD sur la physique des neutrinos et au delà) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) (until 5:45 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Studying Reactor CEvNS with the Scintillating Bubble Chamber (SBC) Experiment - Pietro Giampa (SNOLAB)   ()
5:05 PM (I) Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering and the NEWS-G collaboration - Marie Vidal   ()
5:25 PM (I) Heavy Neutrino searches at ATLAS - Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA))   ()
12:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
12:45 PM
W2-1 Optical Technology and Communication (DAMOPC) / Technologie optique et communication (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (TRIUMF) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Eliminating dual-polarization laser emission and spatial hole burning by using parity-time-symmetric eigenstates - Jean-Francois Bisson   ()
12:50 PM (G*) Temperature Sensitive Electroluminescence Observed in a Reverse Biased, Frozen Polymer P-I-N Junction - Dongze (Willy) Wang (Queen's University)   ()
12:54 PM (G*) Adding a linear contribution to depolarization in simulations of supercontinuum generation - Rachel Ostic (University of Ottawa)   ()
12:58 PM (G*) Ultrafast modulation of the properties of a metasurface for terahertz radiation - Ahmed Jaber (University of Ottawa)   ()
1:02 PM (G*) An individual optical addressing scheme for trapped Ba+ ions in an open-access quantum information processor - Mr Nikolay Videnov (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:06 PM --- Group discussion ---
12:45 PM
W2-10 Exploring the Energy and Precision Frontier IV (PPD) / Frontière d'énergie et de précision IV (PPD) - Heather Russell (CERN) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Searches for ultra long-lived particles with MATHUSLA - Miriam Diamond (SLAC National Laboratory)   ()
1:00 PM Search for the rare $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \overline{\nu}$ decay at the NA62 experiment at CERN - Bob Velghe (TRIUMF (CA))   ()
1:15 PM The Canadian Contribution to the ATLAS New Small Wheels - Tony Kwan (McGill University, (CA))   ()
12:45 PM
W2-11 Test Facility I (PPD) / Installation pour tests I (PPD) - Silvia Scorza (SNOLAB) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (G*) Argon-1: An R&D detector for next generation LAr experiments - David Gallacher (Carleton University)   ()
12:55 PM (G*) CUTE: an underground test facility for cryogenic detectors - Richard Germond   ()
1:05 PM (G*) A Multi-Photomultiplier Photosensor Module for IWCD/Hyper-K - Luan Koerich (University of Regina)   ()
1:15 PM Cryogenic detector monitoring and calibration with internally mounted LEDs - Dr Adam Mayer (TRIUMF)   ()
12:45 PM
W2-12 Magnetic North VII - Session 6 / Nord magnétique VII - session 6 - Adam Aczel (ORNL) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Spin-Ice Thin Films: The Effect of Strain and Disorder - Christianne Beekman (Florida State University)   ()
1:15 PM Strain control of flying spins - James Stotz (Queen's University)   ()
12:45 PM
W2-2 Quantum II (DPE) / Quantique II (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Teaching quantum computing for second year students in science and engineering - Prof. Rogério de Sousa (University of Victoria)   ()
1:15 PM Open Universe: The Adventure of Teaching and Learning Physics Online - Prof. Svetlana Barkanova (Grenfell Campus of Memorial University)   ()
12:45 PM
W2-3 Medical applications of imaging - Part 2 (DPMB/DAPI) / Applications médicales de l'imagerie - Partie 2 (DPMB/DPAI) - Melanie Martin (University of Winnipeg) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Noble gas MRI: A Decade of Progress Towards Clinical Translation - Prof. Alexei Ouriadov (The University of Western Ontario)   ()
1:15 PM Sino Canada Health Institute Intra-Operative MRI - Michael Lang (University of Winnipeg)   ()
1:20 PM Direct current coil designs for a portable magnetic resonance scanner - Ms Jordyn Matthews (University of Windsor)   ()
1:25 PM Optimizing Radiofrequency Coils for Single-Sided Portable Magnetic Resonance - Ms Doris Rusu (University of Windsor)   ()
12:45 PM
W2-4 Application of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas I (DPP) / Applications des plasmas à pression atmosphérique I (DPP) - Ahmad Hamdan (Université de Montréal) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Controlling Non-thermal Plasmas in Contact with Liquids - Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal)   ()
1:10 PM (G*) Statistical investigation on the number and electrical charge of streamers propagating at air-water interface under various discharge conditions. - Antoine Herrmann (Université de Montréal)   ()
1:25 PM --- Open discussion period ---
12:45 PM
W2-5 Fields and Strings II (DTP) / Champs et cordes II (DPT) - Rainer Dick (University of Saskatchewan) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) Conformal Field Theory in Embedding Space - Jean-Francois Fortin (Laval University)   ()
12:50 PM (I) Holographic Complexity in Gravitational Collapse - Andrew Frey (University of Winnipeg)   ()
12:55 PM Quantum field theory with minimum length - Vasil Todorinov (University of Lethbreidge)   ()
12:58 PM (G*) Numerical Loop-Integration Methods for Thermal Field Theory - Siyuan Li (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
1:01 PM Bandlimited UDW detector dynamics on 2+1 flat and spherical spacetimes - Ahmed Shalabi (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:04 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
12:45 PM
W2-6 Experimental Nuclear Physics I (DNP) / Physique nucléaire expérimentale I (DPN) - Wolfgang Schreyer (TRIUMF) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (G*) Nuclear 2$\gamma$ decay of $^{98}$Mo and $^{98}$Zr at the TITAN-EBIT - Zachary Hockenbery (TRIUMF/McGill University)   ()
12:55 PM Measurements of polarization power of TUCANs UCN SCM polarizer and prototype spin analyzer - Sean Hansen-Romu (University of Manitoba)   ()
1:05 PM (G*) The characterization of a spatially resolved multi-element laser ablation ion source - Kevin Murray (McGill University)   ()
1:15 PM Search for the high-spin members of the $\alpha$:2n:$\alpha$ band in $^{10}$Be - Dr Sriteja Upadhyayula (TRIUMF)   ()
12:45 PM
W2-7 Instrumentation II (DNP) / Instrumentation II (DPN) - Jeffery Martin (The University of Winnipeg) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Barium extraction from Xe Gas and identification for nEXO - Dr Christopher Chambers (McGill University)   ()
12:55 PM Magnetic Field Requirements for the TUCAN nEDM Experiment - Mark McCrea (University of Winnipeg)   ()
1:05 PM Time-dependent thermal modeling for the TUCAN source - Shawn Stargardter (University of Manitoba)   ()
1:15 PM Francium 7S - 8S Stark spectroscopy as a precursor to atomic parity violation tests. - Anima Sharma (TRIUMF)   ()
12:45 PM
W2-9 Contributed Talks II (DCMMP) / Conférences soumises II (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Valley-controlled transport in graphene/WSe2 heterostructures under an off-resonant polarized light - Muhammad Zubair (Concordia University)   ()
12:48 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:50 PM Coherence transfer in two-pulse double quantum (DQ) and five-pulse double- quantum modulation (DQM) sequences in EPR: Orientation selectivity and distance measurement - Hamidreza Salahi (Concordia University)   ()
12:53 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:55 PM Electronic transport properties of tailored two dimensional materials for chemical sensors - Ms Maryam Abarashi (University of Calgary)   ()
12:58 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:00 PM Modeling Amorphous Silicon Using Neural Networks - Dr mojde fadaie (University of Montreal)   ()
1:03 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:05 PM Reducing Majorana Hybridization via Periodic Driving - Brett Min (McGill University)   ()
1:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:10 PM Identifying and Isolating Flat Bands in 2D Systems - Jun Hyung Bae (Concordia University)   ()
1:13 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:15 PM Symmetry Breaking Effects of Instantons in Parton Gauge Theories - Shankar Ganesh (University of Alberta)   ()
1:18 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:20 PM Interplay Between Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Interactions in Aqueous Dispersions of OSA-Modified Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles - Ms Carley Miki (University of Guelph)   ()
1:23 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
1:45 PM
W-POS-A #1-4 Poster session (DPE) / Session d'affiches (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (G*) POS-A1 -- Mapping the Landscape of Physics Education Research in Canada - Lindsay Mainhood   ()
1:47 PM POS-A2 -- Home-Based Labs to Develop Broadly Applicable Scientific Skills and Attitudes - Arnold Sikkema (Trinity Western University) Mark Paetkau (Thompson Rivers University)   ()
1:49 PM (U*) POS-A3 -- Investigating the Gender Gap in Introductory Physics Courses - Daniel Dobrowolski (McMaster)   ()
1:51 PM (U*) POS-A4 -- Students’ Preferences and Participation in Introductory Physics Courses in an Online Environment - Nitara Fernando (McMaster University)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-B #5-8 Poster session (DPP) / Session d'affiches (DPP) - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (G*) POS-B5 -- production of Ag nanoparticles by spark discharge in heptane in contact with solution - Kyana Mohammadi   ()
1:47 PM POS-B6 -- Impurity transport modelling in a magnetron discharge - Jong Hern MUN (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, PIIM UNR 7345, Marseille, France)   ()
1:49 PM POS-B7 -- Optical Emission Interferometry for Monitoring of Plasma Processes - Mr Yu Ying Chang (Plasmionique)   ()
1:51 PM (G*) POS-B8 -- Measurements of a DC Gas Discharge - Edward DeWit (Queen's University)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-C #9-16 Poster session (DAPI) / Session d'affiches (DPAI) - Steffon Luoma (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (G*) POS-C9 -- Energy Compression System Radio Frequency Design at the Canadian Light Source - Evan Ericson (Canadian Light Source)   ()
1:47 PM (G*) POS-C10 -- Vertical phase space measurement at Canadian Light Source - Yasaman Yousefi Sigari (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
1:49 PM (G*) POS-C11 -- Design and Simulation of Transparent Injection Upgrade for the CLS Storage Ring - Patrick Hunchak (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
1:51 PM (G*) POS-C12 -- Studies of seawater spray icing phenomena with unilateral NMR - Shahla Ahmadi   ()
1:53 PM (G*) POS-C13 -- Analyzing Growth/Damp curves in the Canadian Light Source storage ring - Stephen Martens (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
1:55 PM (U*) POS-C14 -- Hyper-Kamiokande Photosensor Test Facility Recommissioning and System Upgrades. - Skylar Wingfelder (TRIUMF)   ()
1:57 PM (G*) POS-C15 -- X-ray Doubleslit Interferometer Progress at CLS - Nicholas Simonson (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
1:59 PM POS-C16 -- Femtosecond Streaking in Ambient Air - Kyle Johnston   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-D #17-27,110 Poster session (DPMB) / Session d'affiches (DPMB) - Emily Heath (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (U*) POS-D17 -- Quantification of Sensitivity and Specificity in a Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Diagnostic Assay for Pathogenic Bacteria Detection and Classification - Emma Blanchette (University of Windsor)   ()
1:47 PM (G*) POS-D18 -- Investigating normalizing methods for X-ray fluorescence measurements of Zinc in nail clippings using TOPAS Monte Carlo code - Mr Utsav Sharma (Ryerson University)   ()
1:49 PM --- WITHDRAWN : POS-D19 ---
1:51 PM (U*) POS-D20 -- 3He/129Xe MRI as a Tool to Track Emphysema Progression in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Patients - Elise Woodward (Western University)   ()
1:53 PM (G*) POS-D21 -- Trade-offs between fluctuations and efficiency in stochastic complex formation processes - Brayden Kell (University of Toronto)   ()
1:55 PM (G*) POS-D22 -- Effect of Lung Surfactant Protein B Fragment, SP-B1-9 on Model Lipid Bilayer. - Abinu Jyothini (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
1:57 PM --- WITHDRAWN : POS-D23 ---
1:59 PM (G*) POS-D24 -- Simulation of collective motion in surface colonies of twitching bacteria using a dynamical self-consistent field theory for self-propelled rods - Drake Lee (University of Guelph)   ()
2:01 PM POS-D25 -- Simulations of DNA-carbon nanotube interactions for the design of field-effect transistors biosensors - Sébastien Côté (Université de Montréal)   ()
2:03 PM POS-D26 -- Multi-Modality Comparison of Wrist and Ankle joints: A Feasibility Study - David Tessier (The University of Western Ontario)   ()
2:05 PM (U*) POS-D27 -- Moving toward faster measurements of micron-sized axon diameters in vivo - Mr Kaihim Wong (University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada)   ()
2:07 PM POS-D110 -- Radical pairs in the brain: xenon-induced anesthesia and lithium effects on hyperactivity - Hadi Zadeh-Haghighi (University of Calgary)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-E #28-40 Poster Session (DAMOPC) / Session d'affiches (DPAMOC)) - Nisha Rani Agarwal (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM POS-E28 -- Holographic optical manipulation of trapped ions for quantum simulation - Roland Hablutzel (UWaterloo)   ()
1:47 PM (G*) POS-E29 -- Simple Measurement for Field Reconstruction - Chathurangani Jayalath Arachchige (University of Windsor)   ()
1:49 PM (G*) POS-E30 -- Quantum Gates in a Cold Atom System - Joseph Lindon (University of Alberta)   ()
1:51 PM (G*) POS-E31 -- Quantum Simulation of the Quantum Kicked Top - Sayan Gangopadhyay (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:53 PM POS-E32 -- Optical design challenges of subnivean camera trapping under extreme arctic conditions - Anastasiia Pusenkova (Université Laval)   ()
1:55 PM POS-E33 -- Light-induced dissociation dynamics of Br2 - Mr Tian Wang (university of Ottawa)   ()
1:57 PM POS-E34 -- Photonic Cooperativity and Coherence in Tubulin Architectures - Nathan Babcock (Howard University)   ()
1:59 PM (G*) POS-E35 -- Novel Methods for Pulse Compression - Jacob Stephen (University of Windsor)   ()
2:01 PM (G*) POS-E36 -- On the origin of the coherence of sunlight on the earth - Mr Sriram Sundaram (McMaster University)   ()
2:03 PM (G*) POS-E37 -- Advanced modelling in computational nanophotonics - Joshua Baxter (Department of Physics and Center for Research in Photonics, Uni)   ()
2:05 PM (G*) POS-E38 -- Toward a spin-tensor-momentum coupled Bose-Einstein condensate - Benjamin Smith   ()
2:07 PM POS-E39 -- Photoelectron distributions of synthetically chiral light - Zack Dube (National Research Council Canada)   ()
2:09 PM POS-E40 -- Accurate numerical method for the calculation of the doubly excited states in atoms - Marc-André Albert   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-F #41-56 Poster session (DCMMP) / Session d'affiches (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (G*) POS-F41 -- A Study of Silicon Dangling Bond Pairs in Search of a True Random Number Generator - Furkan Altincicek (University of Alberta)   ()
1:47 PM POS-F42 -- Exact Diagonalization on Pyrochlore System with Lattice Distortion - chen wei (Memorial University)   ()
1:49 PM (U*) POS-F43 -- Finite Difference Simulation of Interacting Resonance and Pulse Waves in a Nonlinear Material - Matthew Williams   ()
1:51 PM (G*) POS-F44 -- Electronic properties of pure and iron(III) doped TiO2 nanomaterials - Mr Tuochen Gong   ()
1:53 PM POS-F45 -- Optimizing ZnO overlayer for surface acoustic wave devices - Golnaz Azodi Aval (Queen's University)   ()
1:55 PM --- WITHDRAWN ---
1:57 PM (G*) POS-F47 -- Microwave resonators for global control of electron spins qubits - Stephen R. Harrigan (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:59 PM (G*) POS-F48 -- Evolution of Shadowed Triplet Superconductor to Spin-Density Wave in Sr2RuO4 and Sr3Ru2O7 - Austin Lindquist   ()
2:01 PM POS-F49 -- Theory of Hysteretic Behaviour of Doped Quantum Paraelectric-Insulator Interfaces - Kelsey Chapman   ()
2:03 PM POS-F50 -- Studying Advanced Materials at the REIXS Beamline - Dr Teak Boyko (Canadian Light Source)   ()
2:05 PM POS-F51 -- Non-linear elastic wave interactions: pump-probe experiments in rocks - Kristin Poduska (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
2:07 PM POS-F52 -- Theoretical study of strain and superconductivity in Sr2IrO4 - Lena Engström (McGill University)   ()
2:09 PM --- WITHDRAWN ---
2:11 PM POS-F54 -- Transport of Majorana zero modes in 1D topological superconductors - Bill Truong (McGill University)   ()
2:13 PM POS-F55 -- Toward an understanding of the interplay between quantum magnetism and electron transport in magnetic topological insulators - Ivan Martinez (McGill)   ()
2:15 PM POS-F56 -- Solitons of the higher spin Haldane spin chain - Christian Boudreault (Royal Military College Saint-Jean/U de Montréal)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-G #57-74 Poster session (Mag.North) / Session d'affiches (Nord mag.) - Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM POS-G57 -- Imaging Magnetic Dynamics on the Atomic Scale - Sangeev Selvaratnam (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba)   ()
1:47 PM POS-G58 -- Collective dynamics of antiferromagnetic domain walls in an optical cavity - Oluwanisola Iyaro (University of Manitoba)   ()
1:49 PM POS-G59 -- Investigation of the dynamics of twisted bilayer artificial spin ice structure - Rehana Begum Popy (University of Manitoba)   ()
1:51 PM (G*) POS-G60 -- Large Magnetic Anisotropy in Spinel Vanadate Thin Films - Sangsoo Kim (Florida State University)   ()
1:53 PM (G*) POS-G61 -- $\mu$SR study of superconducting Re-B compounds - Sudarshan Sharma (McMaster University)   ()
1:55 PM (G*) POS-G62 -- Extent of Frustration in the Classical Kitaev-$\Gamma$ Model - Ahmed Rayyan (University of Toronto)   ()
1:57 PM POS-G63 -- The ground state of the disordered triangular lattice - Santanu Dey (University of Alberta)   ()
1:59 PM POS-G64 -- The Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in a finite 2D magnetic film with fourfold anisotropy - Jordan Atchison (McMaster University)   ()
2:01 PM --- WITHDRAWN ---
2:03 PM (G*) POS-G66 -- Dynamical Backaction Magnomechanics - Clinton Potts (University of Alberta)   ()
2:05 PM (G*) POS-G67 -- Unconventional singularity in anti-parity-time symmetric cavity magnonics - Ying Yang (University of Manitoba)   ()
2:07 PM (G*) POS-G68 -- The Einstein-de Haas Effect in Yttrium Iron Garnet at 3 MHz - Michael Dunsmore (University of Alberta)   ()
2:09 PM (G*) POS-G69 -- Three-axis torque magnetometry for study of interfacial exchange coupling in ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayers. - Ms Katryna Fast (University of Alberta)   ()
2:11 PM POS-G70 -- Implementation of skyrmion cellular automaton using Brownian motion - Ryo Ishikawa (ULVAC Inc.)   ()
2:13 PM (G*) POS-G71 -- Hidden diffusion and perpetual motion of the skyrmions - Mr Soma MIKI (Osaka University)   ()
2:15 PM POS-G72 -- Multi-frequency torque magnetometry: contribution of the Einstein-de Haas effect, and direct detection of overlapping magnetic and mechanical resonance modes - Dr Joseph Losby (University of Alberta)   ()
2:17 PM POS-G73 -- Pure-spin-current diode-like effect at the Au/Pt interface - Pavlo Omelchenko   ()
2:19 PM POS-G74 -- Observation of Magnon-Photon Coupling in a THz Scanning Fabry-Pérot Cavity - Aimé Braconnier (University of Manitoba)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-H #75-79,109 Poster session (DTP) / Session d'affiches (DPT) - Mark Walton (University of Lethbridge) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:55 PM (G*) POS-H75 -- Holographic and Localization Calculations of Boundary F for N=4 SUSY Yang-Mills Theory - Christopher Waddell (University of British Columbia)   ()
1:57 PM (G*) POS-H76 -- Continuous-variable entanglement in a ring resonator: An analytic solution - Colin Vendromin   ()
1:59 PM (G*) POS-H77 -- Brownian motion on a stochastic oscillator chain - Mr Amir Kaffashnia (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
2:01 PM POS-H78 -- Revisiting the Unruh effect with modified dispersion relations - Fayçal Hammad (Bishop's University)   ()
2:03 PM (G*) POS-H79 -- Homonuclear diatomic molecule properties from an orbital-free-related density functional theory - Spencer Sillaste (University of Waterloo)   ()
2:05 PM POS-H109 -- Fourier transform of gravitational wave signals from a pulsar - Farrukh Ahmed Chishtie (University of Western Ontario)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-J #80-107 Poster session (PPD) / Session d'affiches (PPD) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM (U*) POS-J80 -- Automated Feature Detection and Camera R&D for Photogrammetry in Super-K and Future Water Cherenkov Neutrino Detectors - Michael Sekatchev (TRIUMF)   ()
1:47 PM (G*) POS-J81 -- Study of External Crosstalk in Light-only Liquid Xenon (LoLX) experiment - Mayur Patel (Simon Fraser University)   ()
1:49 PM POS-J82 -- Constraining ultralight dark photons with galactic center gas clouds - Amit Bhoonah   ()
1:51 PM (G*) POS-J83 -- Exploring dark matter detection using Solar capture and the Non-Relativistic Effective Operator formalism. - Neal Avis Kozar   ()
1:53 PM (G*) POS-J84 -- The effect of single Coulomb scattering on Cherenkov emission - Dmytro Minchenko (University of Alberta)   ()
1:55 PM (G*) POS-J85 -- SN0+ U-238 External Background Measurements using Radon Assay Technique - Mr Syed M Adil Hussain (Laurentian University)   ()
1:57 PM (U*) POS-J86 -- K40 Backgrounds in the SNO+ Neutrino Detector - Parmesh Ravi (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:59 PM (G*) POS-J87 -- Magnetic monopole production in heavy-ion ultraperipheral collisions at the LHC - Wen Yi Song (York University (CA))   ()
2:01 PM (G*) POS-J88 -- Searching for charged Higgs bosons in W+photon final state - Zhelun Li (McGill University, (CA))   ()
2:03 PM (U*) POS-J89 -- Modelling bubble nucleation efficiency in superheated liquid argon - Freyja Wang (University of Alberta)   ()
2:05 PM (G*) POS-J90 -- Analysis and identification of alpha events for NEWS-G - Jean-Marie Coquillat (Queen's University)   ()
2:07 PM POS-J91 -- Crosstalk and fiducial volume study with the ACHINOS sensor for the NEWS-G experiment - George Savvidis (Queen's University)   ()
2:09 PM (G*) POS-J92 -- Analyzing the behavior of a Candidate SiPM and Signal Amplifier for MATHUSLA - Lucas Perna   ()
2:11 PM (G*) POS-J93 -- Validating misalignment measurements between particle detectors for the ATLAS New Small Wheels - Lia Frances Formenti (McGill University, (CA))   ()
2:13 PM (G*) POS-J94 -- Study of Wyy tri-boson production in proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detector - Auriane Canesse (McGill University, (CA))   ()
2:15 PM --- WITHDRAWN: POS-J95 ---
2:17 PM (G*) POS-J96 -- Drift Time and Charge Trapping in P-Type Point-Contact HPGe Detectors - Tianai Ye (Queen's University)   ()
2:19 PM (G*) POS-J97 -- Optical reflectors in an ARICH detector for a hadron production experiment - Mr Bruno Ferrazzi (University of Regina)   ()
2:21 PM (G*) POS-J98 -- A search for neutrino absorption with 40Ar using the DEAP-3600 detector - Emma Ellingwood (Queen's University)   ()
2:23 PM --- WITHDRAWN : POS-J99 ---
2:25 PM POS-J100 -- Multi-Interacting Massive Particles in DEAP-3600 - Michela Lai (University of Cagliari)   ()
2:27 PM POS-J101 -- Constraining contributions from Kr-85 in DEAP-3600 - Sean Daugherty (Laurentian University)   ()
2:29 PM --- WITHDRAWN : POS-J102 ---
2:31 PM (G*) POS-J103 -- Search for Dark Matter Produced in Association with a Dark Sector Higgs Boson in Proton-Proton Collisions with the ATLAS Detector - Danika MacDonell (University of Victoria (CA))   ()
2:33 PM (G*) POS-J104 -- Low Background Neutron Counters for HALO-1KT - Esther Weima (Laurentian University)   ()
2:35 PM POS-J105 -- Dark matter, axion quark nugget, and mysterious bursts observed by telescope array - Xunyu Liang (The University of British Columbia)   ()
2:37 PM (G*) POS-J106 -- Search for New Physics Inside Boosted Jets at the ATLAS Detector Using Anomaly Detection - Mrs Jacinthe Pilette (Montreal)   ()
2:39 PM (U*) POS-J107 - Radioactive Background Characterization of the Cryogenic Underground TEst Facility (CUTE) - Melissa Baiocchi (SNOLAB)   ()
1:45 PM
W-POS-K #108 Poster session (DNP) / Session d'affiches (DPN) (until 2:45 PM) ()
1:45 PM POS-K #108 -- Time-reversal test in radiative beta decay: progress - John Behr (TRIUMF)   ()
2:45 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
3:00 PM
W-PLEN-3 Alessandra Lanzara, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (DCMMP/DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 3:30 PM) ()
3:00 PM Leveraging local symmetry breaking to engineering novel materials. - Prof. Alessandra Lanzara (University California, Berkeley)   ()
3:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
3:45 PM
W3-1 Quantum Information: Theory (DAMOPC) / Information quantique: théorie (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (TRIUMF) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Quantum Information Processing With Superconducting Circuits - Prof. Alexandre Blais (Universite de Sherbrooke)   ()
3:50 PM (I) Realizing a perfect quantum transduction by applying a bad transducer twice - Prof. Hoi-Kwan (Kero) Lau (Simon Fraser University)   ()
3:55 PM (G*) High-performance information engine. - Mr Tushar K. Saha (Simon Fraser University)   ()
3:59 PM (G*) Accurate numerical method for the calculation of the doubly excited states in atoms - Marc-André Albert   ()
4:03 PM (G*) Waveguide QED toolboxes for universal quantum matter - Mr Jacob Taylor (Institute for Quantum Computing University of Waterloo)   ()
4:07 PM (U*) Quantum Control of Trapped Ions using Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage - Zach Manson (University of Windsor)   ()
4:11 PM (G*) Wigner negativity in spin-j systems - Jack Davis (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:15 PM Broadband quantum memory in a cavity via zero spectral dispersion - Arina Tashchilina   ()
4:19 PM --- Group discussion ---
3:45 PM
W3-10 Candidates for Dark matter and Dark sector I (PPD) / Candidats pour matière et secteur sombres I (PPD) - David Morrissey (TRIUMF) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) New evidence for a dark sector? – Search for the X17 resonance - Viktor Zacek (Université de Montreal)   ()
4:10 PM Searches for Dark Photons at Belle II - Ms Miho Wakai (University of British Columbia)   ()
4:20 PM Migdal effect as an inelastic channel in dark matter direct detection - Dr Chih-Pan Wu (University of Montreal)   ()
3:45 PM
W3-11 History of Physics I (DHP) / Histoire de la physique I (DHP) - Patrick Clancy (McMaster University) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Synchrotron Radiation as a Tool in Paleontology – Search for Soft Tissue Preservation - Prof. Mauricio Barbi (University of Regina)   ()
4:15 PM --- Discussion Period ---
3:45 PM
W3-12 Magnetic North VII - Session 7 / Nord magnétique VII - session 7 - Ted Monchesky (Dalhousie University) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Skyrmions in Chiral Cubic Magnets - Murray Wilson (Durham University)   ()
4:15 PM Two views of the dynamical conductivity in MnSi - Laleh Mohtashemi (Simon Fraser University)   ()
3:45 PM
W3-2 Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (DTP) / Physique mathématique et physique théorique (DPT) - Thomas Creutzig (University of Alberta) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Chaos and the spectrum on Moduli space - Prof. Sarah Harrison (McGill University)   ()
3:50 PM (G*) Generalized Unitarity and the Poincaré Duals of Feynman Integrals - Andrzej Pokraka (McGill University)   ()
3:53 PM The offset logarithm function and some applications in physics: A generalization of the Lambert W function - Aude Maignan (university Grenoble Alpes)   ()
3:56 PM Implementing the Gradient Descent Method in an Infinite Dimensional Hilbert Space - Robert Petry (Campion College at the University of Regina)   ()
3:59 PM A Quantum-Classical Isomorphic Interpretation of Quantum Foundations Based on Density Functional Theory and Polymer Self-Consistent Field Theory - Russell Thompson (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:02 PM The Collapse of the Manifold - Jonathan Sharp (University of Alberta)   ()
4:05 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
3:45 PM
W3-3 High School Physics (DPE) / Physique du secondaire (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) The fast and the furious: special relativity for high school students - Gabor Kunstatter (University of Winnipeg)   ()
4:15 PM The Development of Astroparticle Educational Resources for High Schools - Ian Doktor (University of Alberta) Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta)   ()
3:45 PM
W3-4 Molecular and Cellular Biophysics (DPMB) / Biophysique moléculaire et biophysique cellulaire (DPMB) - Melanie Campbell (University of Waterloo) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (G*) How did first life emerge on terrestrial planets? - Alix Dujardin (McMaster University)   ()
3:50 PM MD Simulation and Topological Data Analysis of High Temperature Activity of an Enzyme - samin tajik (brock university)   ()
3:55 PM (U*) Protein Conformational Ensembles for a Disordered Protein Restricted by Separate Biophysical Experiments - Mr Thomas Tsangaris (University of Toronto)   ()
4:00 PM (U*) Quantitatively Analysing Evolutionary Effects in the Transition From Non-Genetic to Genetic Drug Resistance - Mr Joshua Guthrie (University of Alberta)   ()
4:05 PM (U*) The quantitative analysis of gel electrophoresis data using a cloud-based smartphone application - Udbhav Ram (McMaster University)   ()
4:10 PM Ratcheting charged polymers through nanopores: Designing a low pass molecular filter for DNA - Gary W. Slater (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:15 PM Concentration and Mobility of Activator and Repressor Morphogens in live early Drosophila Embryos - Lili Zhang (McMaster University)   ()
4:20 PM Measurement of elements in toenail clippings using portable X-ray fluorescence - David Fleming (Mount Allison University)   ()
3:45 PM
W3-5 Plasma processes for material synthesis I (DPP) / Procédés de plasmas pour la synthèse de matériaux I (DPP) - Ahmad Hamdan (Université de Montréal) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Plasma characterization in gaseous and liquid dielectric barrier discharge systems for nanoparticle synthesis and nanostructured thin film deposition - Natalia Milaniak (Laval University)   ()
4:10 PM Energetics of reactions in a dielectric barrier discharge with argon carrier gas: Halocarbons - Dr Cédric Pattyn (Polytechnique Montreal)   ()
4:25 PM --- Open discussion period ---
3:45 PM
W3-6 Exotic Matter II (DNP) / Matière exotique II (DPN) - Baishan Hu (TRIUMF) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Laser Cooled Antihydrogen - Alexander Khramov (BCIT)   ()
3:55 PM HAICU: Developing an (anti)hydrogen fountain and quantum interferometer - Chukman So (TRIUMF (CA))   ()
4:05 PM Extracting twist-three GPDs from deeply virtual Compton scattering - Kyle Shiells (University of Manitoba)   ()
4:15 PM (G*) In situ magnetometry using electron plasmas for gravitational experiments with antihydrogen. - Adam Powell (University of Calgary Dep. of Phys. and Astronomy (CA))   ()
3:45 PM
W3-7 Mesons I (DNP) / Mésons I (DPN) - Mark McCrea (University of Winnipeg) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Search for exotic quantum-number mesons in the GlueX experiment - Prof. Curtis A. Meyer (Carnegie Mellon)   ()
4:10 PM Light Exotic Mesons in the GlueX Experiment - Zisis Papandreou (University of Regina)   ()
4:20 PM (G*) The charged kaon electromagnetic form factor at Jefferson Lab - Mr Vijay Kumar (University of Regina)   ()
3:45 PM
W3-8 Physics Focused on the Pandemic (DAPI) / Physique dirigée vers la pandémie (DPAI) - Steffon Luoma (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:50 PM (I) The MVM Ventilator: Particle physicists, National Labs and Industry - Dr Art McDonald (Queen's University)   ()
4:00 PM (I) Innumeracy compounding an already difficult situation - Catherine Beauchemin (Ryerson University & iTHEMS @ RIKEN)   ()
4:10 PM (I) Statistical Physics & Human Mobility in COVID-19 - Sean Cornelius (Ryerson University)   ()
3:45 PM
W3-9 Contributed Talks III (DCMMP) / Conférences soumises III (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Using symmetric qubit clusters to protect quantum computation - Christian Boudreault (Royal Military College Saint-Jean/U de Montréal)   ()
3:48 PM --- Questions & answers ---
3:50 PM Optical properties of Ge-Sn nanoparticles grown by ion-implantation - Jake Erickson (Western University)   ()
3:53 PM --- Questions & answers ---
3:55 PM Exploring properties of SiGeSn alloys fabricated by ion implantation - Chinenye Ekeruche (University of Western Ontario)   ()
3:58 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:00 PM Size and Stiffness Reduction of Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles Through Acid Hydrolysis - Hurmiz Shamana (University of Guelph)   ()
4:03 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:05 PM Stretching wormlike chains of finite length - Nigel T. Andersen (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:10 PM Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of MnBi$_2$Te$_4$ - Ryan Plumadore (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:13 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:15 PM Stability Of Binary Colloidal Crystals Immersed In a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal - Setarehalsadat Changizrezaei (University of Western Ontario)   ()
4:18 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
4:45 PM
W4-1 Quantum Information: Experiments (DAMOPC) / Information quantique: expériences (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (TRIUMF) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Quantum Cryptography Beyond Qubits with Structured Photons - Prof. Ebrahim Karimi (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:50 PM (I) Quantum electromechanics: photon conversion, nonreciprocity, and entanglement - Prof. Shabir Barzanjeh (University of Calgary)   ()
4:55 PM Millimeter Wave Quantum Optomechanics - Dr Bradley Hauer (NIST Boulder)   ()
4:59 PM (G*) Demonstration of a model for AFC cavity quantum memory - Ms Shahrzad Taheri (University of Calgary)   ()
5:03 PM (G*) Exceptional points in helically structured thin films - Mr Gabriel J. Gallant (Université de Moncton)   ()
5:07 PM (G*) Towards a Radioactive Barium Atomic Source for an Open-access Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processor - Noah Greenberg (University of Waterloo)   ()
5:11 PM (G*) Towards a large scale fully programable trapped ion quantum simulator - Nikhil Kotibhaskar (Institute for Quantum Computing)   ()
5:15 PM --- Group discussion ---
4:45 PM
W4-2 Theory and Condensed Matter (DTP/DCCMP) / Théorie et matière condensée (DPT/DPMCM) - Joseph Maciejko (University of Alberta) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Magneto-optical Kerr effect and signature of the chiral anomaly in a Weyl semimetal in magnetic field - Prof. René Côté (Université de Sherbrooke)   ()
4:50 PM (I) Domain and Skyrmion bound states on the surface of magnetic topological insulators   ()
4:55 PM An Analytical study of the role of lattice conductivity in the enhancement of the thermoelectric figure of merit - Dr Najeh Jisrawi (King's University College, University of Western Ontario)   ()
4:58 PM Kerr Nonlinearity and Energy Transport in Quantum Dots and Metallic Nanoparticles - Ningyan Fang (University of Western Ontario)   ()
5:01 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
4:45 PM
W4-3 Labs I (DPE) / Laboratoires I (DEP) - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM Roles in Collaborative Introductory Lab Activities - Danny Doucette (University of Pittsburgh)   ()
5:00 PM Virtual Laboratories for Remote Teaching - Dr Tetyana Antimirova (Ryerson University)   ()
5:15 PM Scaling the Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE) Online - Carolyn Sealfon (University of Toronto)   ()
4:45 PM
W4-4 Application of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas II (DPP) / Applications des plasmas à pression atmosphérique II (DPP) - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Atmospheric pressure synthesis of chemical fuels by high frequency plasmas: an outlook - Prof. Emile Carbone (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique)   ()
5:10 PM (U*) Statistical analysis of pulsed spark discharges in dielectric liquids - Naomi Bourbeau (University of Montreal)   ()
5:25 PM --- Open discussion period ---
4:45 PM
W4-5 Theory I (DNP) / Théorie I (DPN) - Jason Holt (TRIUMF) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Nuclear many-body problem at zero and finite temperature - Elena Litvinova (Western Michigan University)   ()
5:10 PM Ab-initio calculations of structure factors for dark matter searches - Dr Baishan Hu (TRIUMF)   ()
5:20 PM (G*) Scattering and Reaction Calculations for the 8Be Composite System - Mr Peter Gysbers   ()
4:45 PM
W4-6 Exotic Matter II (DNP) / Matière exotique II (DPN) - Christopher Chambers (McGill University) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Status of the Ultracold Neutron Source and nEDM Experiment at TRIUMF - Russell Mammei (The university of Winnipeg)   ()
5:10 PM (G*) Optical magnetometry for the TUCAN nEDM experiment - Wolfgang Klassen (University of Manitoba)   ()
5:20 PM (G*) Bound-state beta-decay of Thallium-205 for low-energy neutrino flux - Mr Guy Leckenby (TRIUMF)   ()
4:45 PM
W4-7 Candidates for Dark matter and Dark sector II (PPD) / Candidats pour matière et secteur sombres II (PPD) - David Morrissey (University of Michigan) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (G*) Dark matter model constraints using a fast simulation of the ATLAS detector - Samantha Taylor (University of Victoria (CA))   ()
4:55 PM (G*) FORMOSA - Looking Forward to Millicharged Dark Sectors at the LHC - Mr Saeid Foroughi-Abari (University of Victoria)   ()
5:05 PM U(1)_{Lμ-Lτ} charged fermionic dark matter at weak scale - Timothy Hapitas (Carleton University)   ()
5:15 PM Closing the window for WIMPy inelastic dark matter with heavy nuclei - Ningqiang Song (Queen's University)   ()
4:45 PM
W4-8 Membrane Biophysics and Drug Delivery (DPMB) / Biophysique des membranes et administration de médicaments (DPMB) - Melanie Campbell (University of Waterloo) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (U*) The Effects of Resveratrol, Caffeine, 𝜷-Carotene, and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) on Amyloid-𝜷25–35 Aggregation in Synthetic Brain Membranes - Isabella Gastaldo   ()
4:50 PM (U*) Curcumin and homotaurine suppress amyloid-b25-35 aggregation in synthetic brain membranes - Xingyuan (Kate) Zou (McMaster University)   ()
4:55 PM (G*) Diffusion in a membrane in the presence of immobile obstacles: the role of disorder - Nicholas Ilow (University of Ottawa)   ()
5:00 PM FUNCTIONAL AND FUNCTIONALIZED MEMBRANES - Maikel Rheinstadter (McMaster University)   ()
5:10 PM A Kinetic Monte Carlo Algorithm for Swelling Drug Delivery Systems - Maxime Ignacio (University of Ottawa)   ()
5:15 PM (G*) The Limits of Polymer Single File Dynamics: A phase diagram - Hanyang Wang (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:45 PM
W4-9 Magnetic North VII - Session 8 / Nord magnétique VII - session 8 - David Venus (McMaster University) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Magnetic polaritons or strong photon-magnon coupling in arrays ferromagnetic nanowires - David Menard (Polytechnique Montreal)   ()
5:15 PM Magnon confinement - Prof. Rogério de Sousa (Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology, University of Victoria)   ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-A #1-4 Poster session (DPE) / Session d'affiches (DEP) (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-B #5-8 Poster session (DPP) / Session d'affiches (DPP) - Lenaic Couedel (University of Saskatchewan) (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-C #9-16 Poster session (DAPI) / Session d'affiches (DPAI) - Steffon Luoma (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-D #17-27,110 Poster session (DPMB) / Session d'affiches (DPMB) - Emily Heath (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-E #28-40 Poster Session (DAMOPC) / Session d'affiches (DPAMOC)) - Nisha Rani Agarwal (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-F #41-56 Poster session (DCMMP) / Session d'affiches (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-G #57-74 Poster session (Mag.North) / Session d'affiches (Nord mag.) - Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-H #75-79,109 Poster session (DTP) / Session d'affiches (DPT) - Mark Walton (University of Lethbridge) (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-J #80-107 Poster session (PPD) / Session d'affiches (PPD) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) (until 6:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM
W-POS-K #108 Poster session (DNP) / Session d'affiches (DPN) - Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser University) (until 6:30 PM) ()
12:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
12:45 PM
R2-1 Group discussion: Do we still need to work on gender equity in Physics? / Discussion: doit-on toujours travailler à l'équité des genres en physique? - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM --- Welcome and Networking ---
1:00 PM --- Group discussion: Do we still need to work on gender equity in Physics? ---
12:45 PM
R2-10 History of Physics III (DHP) / Histoire de la physique III (DHP) - Patrick Clancy (McMaster University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Early Alpha Scattering Results by Ernest Rutherford - Jean Barrette (McGill University)   ()
1:00 PM Some Observations on Ethical Problems and Conundra for Scientists - Michael Steinitz (St. Francis Xavier University)   ()
1:15 PM La contribution scientifique extraordinaire de Déodat de Dolomieu (1750-1801) au progrès de la volcanologie du Val di Noto - Dr Francesco Barletta (Centre matapédien d'études collégiales)   ()
12:45 PM
R2-2 Engaging students (DPE) / Implication d'étudiants(es) (DEP) - Patricia Mitchler (Canadian Association of Physicists) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (U*) Student preferences for pedagogic techniques - Ms Rose Delarosbil (Concordia University)   ()
1:00 PM (U*) Student Response to the Integration of Online Education in High School Physics Classrooms - Ms Samantha Clark   ()
1:15 PM Reaching out while remaining isolated: how Lakehead Orillia increased its science outreach during the pandemic. - Christopher Murray (Lakehead University)   ()
12:45 PM
R2-3 Biophotonics II (DAMOPC/DPMB) / Biophotonique II (DPAMPC/DPMB) - Ozzy Mermut (York University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) In-vivo, non-contact, cellular resolution imaging of the srtucture and function of the human eye - Prof. Kostadinka Bizheva (University of Waterloo)   ()
1:10 PM Novel design of instruments to image the retina in a wide field of view - Melanie CW Campbell (Physics and Astronomy, School of Optometry and Vision Science and Systems Design Engineering University of Waterloo)   ()
12:45 PM
R2-4 Advances in Nuclear and Particle Theory (DTP/PPD/DNP) / Avancées en physique nucléaire et physique des particules (DPT/PPD/DPN) - Charles Gale (McGill University) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (I) From alpha clustering to homogeneous matter - Alexandros Gezerlis   ()
12:50 PM (G*) Superfluid neutrons: from particles to matter - Georgios Palkanoglou (University of Guelph)   ()
12:53 PM Characteristics of early time gluon fields in relativistic heavy ion collisions - Margaret Carrington (Brandon University)   ()
12:56 PM Constraints on Axions from GW170817 - Zhenwei Lyu (University of Guelph)   ()
12:59 PM (G*) Using Underground Nuclear Accelerators in the Quest for Dark Matter - Marianne Moore (University of British Columbia)   ()
1:02 PM (G*) Diagrammatic Renormalization for QCD Sum-Rules - Thamirys de Oliveira (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
1:05 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
12:45 PM
R2-5 Theory III (DNP) / Théorie III (DPN) -Dr Johnson Liang (McMaster Univsersity) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (G*) Characterization and Calibration of the ALPHA-g Barrel Veto Detector - Gareth William Smith   ()
12:55 PM Is New Physics Needed to Explain the ATOMKI Anomaly? - Prof. Aleksandrs Aleksejevs (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
1:05 PM (U*) Ab initio calculations of electric dipole moments of light nuclei - Paul Froese (TRIUMF)   ()
1:15 PM Ab initio calculations of heavy nuclei - Takayuki Miyagi (TRIUMF)   ()
12:45 PM
R2-6 Contributed Talks V (DCMMP) / Conférences soumises V (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Fundamental study of plasma-graphene interactions in Argon/B2H6 plasma - Dr Pierre Vinchon (Université de Montréal)   ()
12:48 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:50 PM (G*) Semi-metal insulator phase transitions in graphene - the role of anisotropy - Brett Meggison (University of Manitoba)   ()
12:53 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:55 PM (G*) N-heterocyclic carbene adsorption and self-assembly on Au(111): Fine-tuning the binding mode - Ryan Groome (Queen's University)   ()
12:58 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:00 PM (G*) The Journey of a single polymer chain to a nanopore - Mr Navid Afrasiabian (University of Western Ontario)   ()
1:03 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:05 PM Tradeoffs for reliable quantum information storage from graph invariants - Mr Nouédyn Baspin   ()
1:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:10 PM (G*) Effective Charges in Entropy Stabilized Oxides - Tahereh Afsharvosoughi (Brock University)   ()
1:13 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:15 PM (G*) Negative Differential Resistance in Carbon-based Cryogenic Composite Nanomaterials - Victor Wong (Department of Physics & Astronomy University of Western Ontario)   ()
1:18 PM --- Questions & answers ---
1:20 PM (G*) High carrier mobility and anisotropic electronic structure in double-helix SnIP nanowires - David Purschke (University of Alberta)   ()
1:23 PM --- Questions & answers ---
12:45 PM
R2-7 Data Acquisition (DAPI) / Acquisition de données (DPAI) - Steffon Luoma (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM Real-Time Event Filtering in Complex Multi-Detector Systems - Matthew Martin (Simon Fraser University)   ()
12:50 PM (G*) Development and Implementation of a Machine Learning Algorithm for Pulse Shape Discrimination - Richard Garnett (McMaster University)   ()
12:55 PM (G*) Development of a digital data acquisition system capable of pulse-pileup recovery for HPGe detectors - Thomas Domingo (McMaster University)   ()
1:00 PM (G*) Progress toward optimizing energy and arrival-time resolution with a transition-edge sensor - Paul Ripoche (University of British Columbia)   ()
1:05 PM The Vertical Slice Data Processing Scheme for DarkSide - Lars Dieter Martin (TRIUMF)   ()
12:45 PM
R2-8 Backgrounds and modelling for rare event searches (PPD) / Bruit et modélisation pour la recherche d'événements rares (PPD) - Juan-Pablo Yanez (University of Alberta) (until 1:30 PM) ()
12:45 PM (G*) Muon-induced backgrounds in a new dark matter experiment: the Scintillating Bubble Chamber - Patrick Hatch (Queen's University)   ()
12:55 PM (G*) Detector response simulation for NEWS-G Dark Matter experiment - Yuqi DENG (University of Alberta)   ()
1:05 PM (G*) Background characterization and detector model after hardware upgrades of the DEAP-3600 detector - Courtney Mielnichuk   ()
1:15 PM (G*) Radon Mitigation Strategies for the NEWS-G Dark Matter Experiment - Patrick O'Brien (University of Alberta)   ()
12:45 PM
R2-9 Neutrino experiment and related calibration (PPD) / Expérience sur neutrinos et calibration associée (PPD) - Claire David (York University (CA)) (until 1:40 PM) ()
12:45 PM (G*) Ambient Background Modeling and Event Trigger Development for the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Explorer - Jakub Stacho (Simon Fraser University)   ()
12:55 PM Study of neutrons associated with neutrino interactions in water with the IWCD detector - Dr Ryosuke AKUTSU (TRIUMF)   ()
1:05 PM Measuring the muon (anti-)neutrino induced charged-current coherent pion production cross sections on carbon using the off-axis T2K near detector - Mitchell Yu (York University)   ()
1:15 PM Photogrammetry in Water Cherenkov Neutrino Detectors - Blair Jamieson (University of Winnipeg)   ()
1:30 PM (G*) AmBe Source Calibrations in SNO+ Partial Scintillator Phase - Jamie Grove (Laurentian University SNOLAB)   ()
1:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
1:45 PM
R-SOCIAL Networking/Social Activities / Maillage et activités sociales (until 2:45 PM) ()
2:00 PM
R-PPD Long Range Planning Discussion (PPD) / Échanges sur la planification à long terme (PPD) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 2:45 PM) ()
2:00 PM LRP McDonald Institute - Tony Noble (Queen's University)   ()
2:10 PM LRP IPP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria)   ()
2:20 PM Canadian Subatomic Physics LRP - Brigitte Vachon (McGill University, (CA)) Adam Ritz   ()
2:30 PM Development of the ARGO dark matter experiment - Mark Boulay (Carleton University)   ()
2:45 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
3:00 PM
R-PLEN-3 Renée Horton, NASA (DGEP/DAPI) (DEGP/DPAI) - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) Steffon Luoma (until 3:30 PM) ()
3:00 PM Friction Stir Welding in the Aerospace Industry - Dr Renee Horton (NASA)   ()
3:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
3:45 PM
R3-1 Teaching and EDI (DPE) / Enseignement et EDI (DEP) - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Exploring men’s and women’s roles in physics lab group work - Natasha Holmes (Cornell University)   ()
4:15 PM Exploring student perceptions of introductory physics - Dr Cayleih Robertson (McMaster Univerity)   ()
3:45 PM
R3-2 Ultrafast Processes (DAMOPC) / Procédés ultrarapides (DPAMPC) - Nisha Rani Agarwal (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Signatures of light-induced potential energy surfaces in H2+ - beyond conical intersections - Prof. Andre Staudte (National Research Council and University of Ottawa)   ()
3:50 PM (I) Coherent Ultrafast Electronic Dynamics in Molecules - Prof. Albert Stolow (University of Ottawa)   ()
3:55 PM Clocking enhanced ionization of hydrogen molecule using molecular rotational wavepackets - Yonghao Mi (University of Ottawa)   ()
3:59 PM (G*) Wavelength-dependent depolarization in fiber-based supercontinuum - Nicolas Couture (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:03 PM Multi-octave Parametric Amplification for Ultrashort Laser Pulses - TJ Hammond (University of Windsor)   ()
4:07 PM An exploration for new phenomena using high-harmonic generation in two-dimensional van der Waals materials - Mr Chandler Bossaer (Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory, National Research Council and University of Ottawa)   ()
3:45 PM
R3-3 Quantum Theory (DTP) / Théorie quantique (DPT) - Hubert de Guise (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Markovian dynamics in open quantum systems - Marco Merkli (Memorial University)   ()
3:50 PM (I) Schwinger pair production as a non-Hermitian problem - Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University)   ()
3:55 PM (G*) Hawking radiation as a quantum caustic - Liam Farrell (McMaster University)   ()
3:58 PM Gravitational tidal forces and the equivalence principle - Fayçal Hammad (Bishop's University)   ()
4:01 PM Beyond Semiclassical Physics: Consistent Hybrid Quantum-Classical Dynamics? - Mustafa Amin (University of Lehtbridge)   ()
4:04 PM (G*) Gravitational scattering on quantum superposed states - Mr Victor Massart (Université de Montréal)   ()
4:07 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
3:45 PM
R3-4 Experimental Nuclear Physics II (DNP) / Physique nucléaire expérimentale II (DPN) - John Behr (TRIUMF) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) The Electron-Ion Collider: North America's Next Large Particle Collider - Wouter Deconinck   ()
4:10 PM (G*) High-precision experimental nuclear physics with the upgraded TITAN Penning trap - Ms Sakshi Kakkar (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB & TRIUMF - 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC )   ()
4:20 PM (G*) KDK: Measuring the unique third forbidden electron capture decay of K-40 for backgrounds in rare-event searches - Matthew Stukel (Queen's University)   ()
3:45 PM
R3-5 Contributed Talks VI (DCMMP) / Conférences soumises VI (DPMCM) - Michel Gingras (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Inferring potentials in a feedback-trap using machine learning - Prithviraj Basak (Simon Fraser University)   ()
3:48 PM --- Questions & answers ---
3:50 PM (G*) Moiré patterns in graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures - Laurent Molino (University of Ottawa)   ()
3:53 PM --- Questions & answers ---
3:55 PM (G*) Towards 2D materials as Quantum Nano-Electromechanical Systems - Nathan Eddy (Queens University)   ()
3:58 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:00 PM Control of Aryldiazonium Reactions on Graphene Field-Effect Transistors - Anouk Béraud (Université de Montréal)   ()
4:03 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:05 PM (G*) Theoretical study of strain and superconductivity in Sr2IrO4 - Lena Engström (McGill University)   ()
4:08 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:10 PM Quantum Many-body Scars seen through the lens of Entanglement Spectroscopy. - Martin Schnee (Université de Sherbrooke)   ()
4:13 PM --- Questions & answers ---
4:15 PM Electrostatically gated quantum dots in van der Waals materials - Justin Boddison-Chouinard (University of Ottawa)   ()
4:18 PM --- Questions & answers ---
3:45 PM
R3-6 Detector Technology and Design (DAPI) / Technologie et conception de détecteurs (DPAI) - Ian Lawson (SNOLAB) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM Water Cherenkov Test Experiment - Dr Matej Pavin (TRIUMF)   ()
3:50 PM Measuring the absorption length of the deep Pacific Ocean: Results from STRAW, a pathfinder mission for the proposed P-ONE neutrino telescope - Andreas Gaertner (University of Alberta)   ()
3:55 PM (G*) Characterization of wavelength shifters for background rejection in liquid argon dark matter experiments - Hicham Benmansour (Queen's Univeristy)   ()
4:00 PM (G*) High Voltage Breakdowns in Liquid Xenon - Mohamed Elbeltagi (Carleton University)   ()
4:05 PM (G*) Nuisance Processes in p-on-n SiPMs - Giacomo Gallina (TRIUMF)   ()
3:45 PM
R3-7 Machine learning in HEP & Novel reconstruction techniques II (PPD) / Apprentissage automatique en PHE et nouvelles techniques de reconstruction II (PPD) - Eric Drechsler (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 4:30 PM) ()
3:45 PM (I) Machine Learning Applications in Particle Physics: Present and Future - Wojtek Fedorko (TRIUMF)   ()
4:00 PM Pulse Shape Discrimination in DEAP-3600 - Chris Jillings (SNOLAB)   ()
4:10 PM Event Reconstruction in DEAP-3600 at SNOLAB - Dr Sumanta Pal (University of Alberta)   ()
4:20 PM (G*) Using machine learning techniques to search for magnetic monopoles in ATLAS - Ana Maria Rodriguez Vera (York University (CA))   ()
4:30 PM --- 15 Minute Break ---
4:45 PM
R4-1 EDI (DPE/DGEP) / EDI (DEP/DEGP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (G*) Closing the Gender Gap in Physics and Engineering: The Role of High School Physics - Eamonn Corrigan (University of Guelph)   ()
5:00 PM (I) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Physics — a Career Perspective - Robert Mann (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:45 PM
R4-2 Quantum Information: Theory (DTP) / Information quantique: théorie (DPT) - Barry Sanders (University of Calgary) (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) Quantum Theory of Polarized Light - Daniel James (University of Toronto)   ()
4:50 PM (I) Additive quantities cannot be more than asymptotically continuous - Debbie Leung (University of Waterloo)   ()
4:55 PM (I) Entanglement and Bell nonlocality are one and the same - Gilad Gour (University of Calgary)   ()
5:00 PM (G*) Entanglement Amplification from Rotating Black Holes - Matthew Robbins (University of Waterloo/Perimeter Institute)   ()
5:03 PM (G*) Harvesting Entanglement inside a Black Hole - Kensuke Gallock-Yoshimura (University of Waterloo)   ()
5:06 PM Quantum Temporal Superposition: the case of QFT - Laura Henderson (University of Waterloo)   ()
5:09 PM --- Questions/Answers and Discussion Period ---
4:45 PM
R4-3 Nuclei & Mesons (DNP) / Noyaux et mésons (DPN) - Alexandros Gezerlis (until 5:30 PM) ()
4:45 PM (I) The Pb Radius and Ca Radius Experiments (PREX and CREX) - Juliette Mammei (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)   ()
5:10 PM (G*) Charged Pion Form Factor – A Unique Precision Experiment at Jefferson Lab - Ali Usman (University of Regina)   ()
5:20 PM Probing New Physics Using $\eta$ Mesons at the Jefferson Lab Eta Factory - Jonathan Zarling (University of Regina)   ()