LHCb Starterkit 2021



Ahmed Abdelmotteleb (University of Warwick (GB)), Alessandro Scarabotto (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)), Anja Beck (University of Warwick (GB)), Lukas Calefice (Technische Universität Dortmund (DE), LPNHE/Sorbonne Université (FR)), Valeriia Lukashenko (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))

The Starterkit is a five day event which will get you ready for analysing LHCb data. This is a hands-on workshop and this year it will be fully virtual and take place over ZOOM. It is recommended to download and run the most recent desktop client to fully benefit from this workshop. We will be using the breakout room feature of Zoom to get individual help from demonstrators during the lessons. If needed the demonstrator could request remote access to your screen to help with your problem.

Join the mattermost team to ask questions any time!

The first part of the Starterkit will be an introduction to the tools you'll use day to day during your PhD, including Bash, Git, snakemake and Python.

The second part will focus on LHCb specific software, tasks and questions. The source material is already partially available on the first analysis steps site.


1. Attendees should make sure to follow the course prerequisites before attending the workshop.

2. Attendees should fill in the pre-training survey survey

Until the workshop, new members to LHCb are invited to follow the content at the analysis-essentials and first-analysis-steps sites.

Feedback Google form: https://forms.gle/mi8iFTnvu4qcqEj48


  • Adrian Peter Krone
  • Albert Lopez Huertas
  • Aleksandr Iniukhin
  • Alessandro Minotti
  • Alexandra Sidley
  • Alice Biolchini
  • Aniket Khanal
  • Aodhan Burke
  • Aref Eshkevar vakili
  • Beatriz Moraes Vivacqua
  • Boan Shi
  • Caetano Eirea
  • Caio Victor Nogueira Damasceno
  • Cheuk-Ping Wong
  • Chiara Mancuso
  • Chuangxin Lin
  • Clara Landesa Gomez
  • Conor Henderson
  • Constantinos Vrahas
  • Curtis Irvine
  • Diego Mendoza
  • Efren Rodriguez Rodriguez
  • Elena Päffgen
  • Ellinor Eckstein
  • Emilio Xosé Rodríguez Fernández
  • Emir Muhammad
  • Enoch Ejopu
  • Fabian Koch
  • Federica Borgato
  • Felipe Luan Souza De Almeida
  • Fernanda Goncalves Abrantes
  • Francesco Debernardis
  • Gaelle Khreich
  • Gaohan Yang
  • Gaya Benane
  • Giorgia Tonani
  • Hongrong Qi
  • Ievgenii Petrenko
  • Innes Mackay
  • Izaac Sanderswood
  • Izabela Juszczak
  • Jakub Kubat
  • Jan de Boer
  • Janina Nicolini
  • Jannis Speer
  • Jessy Daniel
  • Jie Wu
  • John Wendel
  • Joshua Horswill
  • Juan Baptista de Souza Leite
  • Julio Novoa Fernandez
  • Lanxing Li
  • Laura Buonincontri
  • Lennart Henning Uecker
  • Lorenzo Paolucci
  • Luca Giambastiani
  • Lucas Romão
  • Maciej Artur Giza
  • Maria Domenica Galati
  • Maria Faria
  • Mary Richardson-Slipper
  • Matthew Monk
  • Mauricio Ernesto Rodriguez Alas
  • Miguel Fernández
  • Miguel Rebollo
  • Mingjie Feng
  • minni singla
  • Nabil Garroum
  • Nicole Schulte
  • Olaf Massen
  • Oleksandr Kshyvanskyi
  • Patrik Adlarson
  • Piet Nogga
  • Quan Zou
  • Renaud Amalric
  • Riccardo Bolzonella
  • Riccardo Bolzonella
  • Richard Morgan Williams
  • Riley Henderson
  • Rongrong Song
  • Ruiwen Hou
  • Sabin Hashmi
  • Saliha Bashir
  • Sergio Jaimes
  • Shuchong Ding
  • Shuqi Sheng
  • tiange li
  • Tommaso Fulghesu
  • Tristan Miralles
  • Vsevolod Yeroshenko
  • Xiao Wang
  • Xiaojie Jiang
  • Xueli Hua
  • Xueting Yang
  • Xueting Yang
  • Yajing Wei
  • Yanting Fan
  • Yanxi Wu
  • Yingrui Hou
  • Yunxuan Song
  • Yuyang Jiang
  • Zhenhong Wu
  • Ziyi Wang