EEF meeting

IT Auditorium (CERN)

IT Auditorium


Bob Jones (CERN)
European E-infastructure Forum meeting

Participation via video conference is possible using EVO:\

How to get to CERN:
There is also free shuttle directly to CERN from the airport (see attached timetable).
Visitors need an access card to enter the CERN site hence you need to confirm TODAY if you will attend this meeting and need an access card. Access cards for registered participants will be available from the reception (building 33).
To use the wifi network on the CERN site you must register your laptop. Please register your laptop via this form (you can give my name as CERN contact):
The meeting will take place in the IT auditorium (building 31, 3rd floor, room 4).  This building is 15 minutes walk from the entrance to CERN (the reception can provide directions and a paper map):