Sep 6 – 8, 2023
Universidad Católica del Norte
America/Santiago timezone

Abstract & Short Bio Nicolás Henríquez & Edgardo Ortíz

Speakers: Nicolás Henríquez & Edgardo Ortíz

Title: Introduction to Data Analysis and Machine Learning with RapidMiner


Abstract. In a world where data analysis skills and the influence of artificial intelligence are constantly on the rise, comprehending data manipulation becomes crucial for making informed and accurate decisions. This workshop offers participants an introductory experience in data analysis and machine learning using RapidMiner. Three essential aspects will be explored:

  1. Data Exploration: Attendees will learn to explore and understand datasets to identify significant patterns.
  2. Predictive Methods: Techniques in machine learning will be addressed to generate predictions.
  3. Results Analysis: Instruction will be provided on evaluating and analyzing predictive model outcomes.

The primary objective is to ignite interest in RapidMiner and equip participants with fundamental skills to delve into data analysis and machine learning. Through this half-page workshop, the aim is to stimulate ongoing exploration of these expanding fields and empower participants to apply these skills in diverse contexts.

Short Bio..

Nicolás Henríquez Pedraza is a current fifth-year student in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Computation and Informatics at Universidad Católica del Norte. Since his enrollment in 2019, he has fully immersed himself in the captivating realm of technology and informatics, honing his skills in programming and software development. Throughout his academic journey, Nicolás's focus has gravitated towards the forefront of technology: Machine Learning. During his professional internship, he had the privilege of studying and applying various Machine Learning methods to analyze and optimize predictive models. This practical experience not only deepened his understanding of the underlying algorithms but also highlighted their potential to transform data into well-informed decisions. Nicolás's aspiration is to harmonize his solid engineering foundation with his passion for Machine Learning. His ultimate goal is to make significant contributions to technological progress and facilitate astute decision-making through the seamless integration of these two domains.

Edgardo Ortiz is a student of Civil Engineering in Computing and Informatics. He joined Universidad Católica del Norte in 2019 and is currently in his fifth year of studies, driven by his curiosity about the world of technology. Throughout his education, Edgardo's interest in artificial intelligence has steadily grown, immersing himself gradually in the world of data science. He has been captivated by the potential of AI and its applications in solving challenges across various industries. Alongside this, he has explored the intricacies of data analysis, discovering how patterns and hidden insights in extensive datasets can drive informed decision-making. Recently, Edgardo worked on his pre-professional project on data analysis for the leaching process, applying machine learning to predict values in leaching heap.