Colliders of Tomorrow Kick-off - Muon Collider

Sunrise - FNAL

Sunrise - FNAL

Karri Folan Di Petrillo (University of Chicago), Murtaza Safdari (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)), Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin Madison (US))


We'll meet roughly twice a month on Thursday afternoons Central time. An invited speaker will start the meeting with a 30 min talk on a future collider related topic followed by a Q&A. In the second half the meeting, we'll plan for tutorials and give students an opportunity to present recent work.


Colliders of Tomorrow Kick-off
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Karri Folan Di Petrillo
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Sridhara Dasu, Murtaza Safdari, Marguerite Belt Tonjes
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