US LHC Users Executive Committee Meeting



Harvey Newman (California Institute of Technology (US))


Meeting ID: 899 3408 0333
Passcode: 498505

It is scheduled for 90 minutes (max).

Please review our subcommittee lists. 

New members,
let us know which committees you wish to join; continuing members
let us know of any changes you would like to make in your committee
assignments. You will also notice that we have openings for a couple of
committee chairs and co-chairs

**Intro (HN)**
* Note to subcommittee chairs: please prepare a brief update
* Welcome new 2024-25 members! 
* Reminder of USLUA mission, history, composition
* Activities: annual fall meetings, annual advocacy trips to DC 
* TODO: new members volunteer for subcommittee membership 

**Government Relations (Kennedy)**
* HN: need urgently to update LHC 2-pager (not taken care of by content group)

**Finances & Fundraising (Stupak)**

**Outreach & Communications (Gonski)**
* TODO: Speaker for USLUA talk at APS April meeting (deadline March 1)
* Secretary: prepare overall USLUA documentation (twiki? Etc.)

**Annual Meeting & Events (Goldfarb)**
* LHCP is in Boston this year: should organize USLUA activity 
    * Deepa Thomas, Matt LeBlanc, Michael Wilkinson, Steven Goldfarb 
* Proposal from Caterina to have next annual meeting at SLAC 

** Website(Pearkes)**
* Need to update website: Larry suggested moving to Wordpess/Hugo

**Round Table & EOI**
* Deepa Thomas: Quality of Life
* Karri di Petrillo: Government Relations & Outreach/Communications 
* Matt LeBlanc: government, opportunities/support for early career scientists, particularly industry 
* Michael Wilkinson: government, website 
* Andy Lankford: importance of advocating for entire P5 program, not just LHC. 
* Joel Butler: P5 is just the beginning

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.