Theory and Astroparticle discussion Workshop

Fisher Room (Denys Wilkinson Building)

Fisher Room

Denys Wilkinson Building

Denys Wilkinson Building Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3RH
Subir Sarkar (University of Oxford)
The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for astroparticle theorists who are close to funding sources to discuss their operation in their respective countries and try to devise a way that this could happen coherently or synchronously all through Europe. Beginning with a brief scientific overview and an introduction to the ASPERA process, the national representatives will make presentations concerning their respective countries, followed by a round table discussion for proposed measures.
  • Ana Malhado
  • Antonio Masiero
  • Antonio Riotto
  • Antonio Ferrer
  • antonio riotto
  • Barbara ERAZMUS
  • Bijan Saghai
  • Deborah Miller
  • Domenec Espriu
  • Gerard van der Steenhoven
  • Giancarlo D'Ambrosio
  • Giuseppe Marchesini
  • Graham Ross
  • Iliana Brancus
  • Jan-Willem van Holten
  • Janet Seed
  • jean-marie FRERE
  • Jiri Horejsi
  • joe silk
  • Jose Bernabeu
  • Manfred Lindner
  • Maria Krawczyk
  • Maurice Bourquin
  • Nathalie OLIVIER
  • Nikolaos Mavromatos
  • Rob van der Meer
  • Ruth Durrer
  • Stavros KATSANEVAS
  • Subir Sarkar
  • Thomas Berghoefer