Croatian Teachers Programme



Ivica Puljak (Technical University of Split FESB), Mirko Planinic (University of Zagreb (HR)), Vuko Brigljevic (Institute Rudjer Boskovic (HR))

The inaugural Croatian Teachers Programme will take place from 29 March to 2 April 2015. Lectures, on-site visits and exhibitions and hands-on workshops as well will introduce its participants into cutting-edge particle physics. We hope our participants will go back to Croatia as ambassadors, who pass on the subject to our next generation of physicists, engineers, IT specialists and and and ...

Information about the scientific programme and agenda can be found under Timetable. More precise information concerning your arrival at CERN as well as a definite confirmation of your participation will be sent to you by e-mail. CERN and its Education Group is looking forward to welcome you here in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Bernarda Boček Beloglavec
  • Eva Ravnić
  • Fani Barbaroša
  • Goran Švelec
  • Ines Dukic
  • Ines Piacun
  • Ivan Novosel
  • Ivica Puljak
  • Jasna Nizeteo
  • Josip Previc
  • Karolina Dvojkovic
  • Marina Furkes
  • Marina Čleković
  • Marlena Čukteraš
  • Melita Sambolek
  • Mirko Planinic
  • Nedeljko Begovic
  • Patricija Nikolaus
  • Smiljana Kranjčec
  • Tamara Pavlovic
  • Tatjana Pranjic Petrovic
  • Tatjana Roginić
  • Vuko Brigljevic