Year of Light: Spirituality, Science, Music and Light

    • 6:30 PM 6:33 PM
      Welcome and opening 3m
      on behalf of the organizers of ICNFP2015
      Speaker: Prof. Sonja Kabana (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
    • 6:33 PM 6:40 PM
      Music 7m
      I.S. Bach, Prelude cello solo
      Speaker: Vladimir and Svetlana Nor
    • 6:40 PM 8:00 PM
      Session with presentations
      Convener: Emanuela Larentzakis (OAC)
      • 6:40 PM
        Welcome 10m
        Speaker: Dr Konstantinos Zormpas (Director of OAC, Crete, Greece)
      • 6:50 PM
        Shedding Light on the Dark Universe 15m
        Speaker: Prof. Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN)
      • 7:05 PM
        The Light in Life and Science 15m
        Speaker: Prof. Georg Wolschin (Heidelberg University)
      • 7:20 PM
        Religions in the Light of Science and Love 20m
        Speaker: Dr Walaa Eshraim (JW Geothe University)
      • 7:40 PM
        The Light in Science and Christian Orthodoxy 20m
        Speaker: Prof. George Gounaris (University of Thessaloniki)
    • 8:00 PM 8:27 PM
      Music 27m
      A. Vivaldi, “The Spring”, part I (violin and piano); I.S. Bach, Aria (cello and piano); I.S. Bach, Gavotte (violin); C. Saint-Saens, “The Swan” (cello and piano)
      Speaker: Vladimir and Svetlana Nor
    • 8:27 PM 8:30 PM
      Closing and Farewell 3m
      on behalf of the organizers of ICNFP 2015
      Speaker: Prof. Larisa Bravina (University of Oslo (NO))