Searches at HL-LHC

40/S2-C01 - Salle Curie (CERN)

40/S2-C01 - Salle Curie


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Aleandro Nisati (Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT)) , Gavin Salam (CERN) , Meenakshi Narain (Brown University (US)) , Michelangelo Mangano (CERN) , Xabier Cid Vidal (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)

Discussion of the prospects and projections for the search and study of new physics at the High-Luminosity LHC.

The meeting is intended as part of a more systematic discussion of the physics potential of the HL-LHC, in preparation of the next HL-LHC Workshop in Aix les Bains (October 2016).

Some of the material shown during the meeting will reflect work in progress by the experiments and is not for re-use outside the context of this meeting.

VIDYO connection will be available.

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  • Aleandro Nisati
  • Corinne Goy
  • Kerstin Hoepfner
  • Sadia Khalil
  • Simone Amoroso
  • Wells Wulsin