The 3rd Asia Tier Center Forum

KISTI, Daejeon, South Korea

KISTI, Daejeon, South Korea

245 Daehak-ro Yuseong-gu 34141 Daejeon, South Korea

The 3rd event of Asia Tier Center Forum (ATCF) will be taken place at KISTI in South Korea. The aim of the forum is to update the progress of the network connectivity among Asian countries and their status of domestic network environment and to promote the collaboration among Asian Tier sites that participate in the LHC experiments.

The target of this forum is essentially Asian Tier sites, however, it is also open to every interested parties, in particular, distributed computing coordinations of LHC experiments and network experts on OPN/ONE.



The registration fee is not required and the accommodation and meals (travel expenses not included) are provided by the host of 3rd ATCF, KISTI. Please refer to the information on the side bar.


Vidyo Conference

Use the following link to join Vidyo Conference for this forum: vidyo link (powered by KISTI KREONet Service Team)


Local contact Sang Un Ahn (

Organizers: Latchezar Betev, Toru Sugitate, Chinorat Kobdaj, Sun Kun Oh, Seo-Young Noh and Sang Un Ahn

  • Andria Arisal
  • Brij Kishor Jashal
  • Buseung Cho
  • Chinorat Kobdaj
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Gang Chen
  • Hiroshi Sakamoto
  • Hsin-Yen CHEN
  • Jianlin Zhu
  • Jin Kim
  • Kamal Kamaruddin
  • Latchezar Betev
  • Lee Andrew
  • Motonori Nakamura
  • Muhammad Waqar
  • Patch Lee
  • Patrick Dorn
  • Sang Un Ahn
  • Sanggyun Kim
  • Seo-Young Noh
  • Simone Campana
  • Sun Kun OH
  • Tatsuya Chujo
  • Tomoe Kishimoto
  • Tony Cass
  • Toru Sugitate
  • wan ahmad tajuddin wan abdullah
  • Zhong-Bao Yin