LHCreate final presentations

80-1-001 - Globe of Science and Innovation - 1st Floor (CERN)

80-1-001 - Globe of Science and Innovation - 1st Floor


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LHCreate brings together creative people and scientists from CERN as well as students from IPAC Design Genève during a two-day workshop at IdeaSquare on 16-17 November 2017.  The goal is for the teams to build prototypes that illustrate what CERN does, why and how.

The friendly competition will then be judged by a panel consisting of physics, tourism, and product design professionals. There are various prizes for the winning team.

A public presentation of all prototypes will be held at the Globe of Science and Innovation on Friday 17 November at 20h00. The goal of this event is to introduce the world of particle physics to the general public.

Event webpage available at: cern.ch/lhcreate

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