Detector Seminar

Recent Progress of Visible Image Sensors

by Prof. Nobukazu Teranishi (University of Hyogo and Shizuoka University - Japan)

40/S2-B01 - Salle Bohr (CERN)

40/S2-B01 - Salle Bohr


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Image sensor technologies have been advanced drastically these 4 decades, and they have brought fruitful success in the market. The sales amount was more than 4 billion pieces in 2015. In this presentation, pixel shrinkage trend and recent technical trends at visible image sensors are reviewed:

1. pixel shrinkage,

2. photon counting,

3. stack and 3D structure,

4. sensitivity expansion to invisible, especially near IR,

5. ToF (time of flight) and gesture.

Organized by

Alessandro Marchioro (EP-ESE) and Erik Heijne (EP-UAT)