• Alessandro Marchioro
  • Angela Ricci
  • Burkhard Schmidt
  • Caroline Cazenoves
  • Dominik Dannheim
  • Michael Campbell


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The Detector Seminar Panel has the mandate to organise regular Detector Seminars and occasional Detector Forums. These two events aim to make state-of-the-art presentations for scientist and engineers in the following fields:

· Particle detectors and their performances
· Detector engineering and infrastructure
· Detector electronics
· Detector applications in HEP and other fields

The aim of the Detector Seminars is to spread information on new developments and to stimulate in depth discussions within the detector community present at CERN. The seminars are held in regular intervals (typically monthly) and have specific topics or summarize highlights from conferences. The speakers are experts in the field and are selected by the panel.

The Detector Forums intend to organise half- or full-day events around one theme that is of interest for the detector community at CERN. The Forum events treat a topic more profoundly and include presentations from different groups.