ICDD#2: Making CERN Regionally Relevant

CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)

CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)


Idea Circle Dinner Discussion #2:

Making CERN Regionally Relevant


In an era when science has to compete for political attention and public funding, how can you ensure that the general public and key decision makers in government continue to support and value CERN membership? The UK has developed an ingenious way to use one very small piece of data, with unexpected results.  Could your country do the same?

About the speaker:

Stephanie Hills MSc MCIPR:
Steph is the European Communications Office for the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the research council that manages the UK’s membership of CERN. She has been communicating science and technology to a wide range of audiences for more than 20 years.

At CERN, Steph’s role is to make sure that the UK Science Minister and other key stakeholders are aware of all the benefits that the UK derives from its membership of CERN.  She looks after visiting UK journalists, promotes opportunities for UK industry to supply products and services to CERN, encourages schools to visit and works closely with the UK university community and British members of CERN staff.  She is always on the look-out for good stories featuring people and projects with a strong UK angle.

Steph is an Accredited Practitioner within the Chartered Institute of Public Relations; she has been a committee member for the CIPR’s Science Technology, Engineering and Maths Group, and is now helping to establish the CIPR’s Swiss Chapter.


Idea Circle Dinner Discussion Series:

If you are interested in learning more about education, communication and outreach activities at CERN, we have launched a new series of talks specifically targeting CERN personnel looking to improve their communication skills, engage with the public, and network with experts in the field. The lecture and discussion series, named Idea Circle Dinner Discussions, will be held at IdeaSquare every other Wednesday at 18:00. Spaces are limited, so please register today to reserve your seat. (Light dinner and refreshments will be available for registered participants only).

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With LS2, this is the perfect time to expand your horizons beyond research and enhance your public engagement profile. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

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