USAG meeting January 21st 2010

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Summary and conclusions


GGUS - Guenter Grein, Torsten Antoni, Helmut Dres
CERN - Maria Dimou (chairperson and note taker)
UK/I - John Gordon
IT   - Riccardo Brunetti, Tiziana Ferrari, Luciano Gaido
CE    - Jiri Chudoba
LHCb  - Roberto Santinelli
SA1   - Maite Barroso
ROC_LA - Renato Santana
NE   - Vera Hansper

Apologies: Claire Deveneux, Jan Kmunicek, Andres Holguin Coral, 

Notes by Maria


  1. ITROC request for discussion ("Text" file appended). (As Tiziana had to leave).
  2. Agenda approval
  3. Comments on the notes from the December 10th USAG meeting [linked from here].
  4. Continuous user support assessment as required by MSA-1.6 via the weekly escalation reports Please follow the URL in advance and report on issues arising in the meeting.
  5. New GGUS development: savannah #111183 encourage ROLLOUT list users to use GGUS by opening a ticket on their behalf.
  6. Ticket solution times pledged/expected: savannah #112031 When selecting a GGUS ticket priority how soon can one expect the solution? Discussion.
  7. Review Action List published right after the last meeting linked from here.
  8. A.O.B.
    1. Status of the GGUS fail-safe system development. savannah #101122
    2. Final version of the Strategy note (v.1.0) Final? presented at the SA1 Coordination meeting of 2009-12-15. Can it be Released?
    3. Any comments from / experience with new GGUS feature in operation since 2009-12-09: savannah #108708 site-ROC association on the ticket submission form.
  9. Define next meeting date.


Today's agenda


Last minutes


Rollout emails -GGUS tickets

Most supporters are in favour of using GGUS, rather than email threads in the rollout list for reporting incidents. Input from Maria Alandes (SA3): In GGUS we can really track the incidents we have, the problems are assigned to the right people and a clear and coherent solution is given to the problem instead of lots of mail exchange in the list creating confusion and not really helping to solve the problem. Moreover, with GGUS we are able to create metrics and use them to improve our processes. The rollout will, no doubt, remain a discussion forum where, mostly, site admins exchange tips and experience (Maite Barroso, SA1head). To faciliate incident reporting via GGUS a new button will be implemented on the ticket submission form for label "Notification Mode" with value "Never". This will allow any ROLLOUT list member to open a GGUS ticket on behalf of a user who reported an incident to the list, without having to receive notifications. The user will be in Cc and will be informed of all progress and the solution.

Priority setting

Priority setting by the ggus ticket submitter is often 'unfair'. People tend to rate almost everything 'top priority' or 'very urgent' even when not justfied. LHCb experience is that site/ROC response time depends on its professionalism rather than on the priority value on the ticket. ATLAS, on their twiki ( see section 'Change Priority') recommend to rate everything 'urgent' or higher(!?) Some supporters request an intermediate authority that re-adjusts the exaggerated priority values. This intermediate hop is contrary to all tendencies of 'direct routing' to various Support Units in order to avoid delays. Given that no SLA/OLA exists across ggus Support Units, a help text will appear next to the priority setting indicating to submitter and supporters what solution times can be expected. Supporters are invited to re-adjust the values when appropriate, as they already often do Submitters can escalate their ticket when they think they have good reasons to press for a faster solution.


John Gordon reported that sometimes sys. admins of a site report problems they experience and the TPM confused re-assigns the ticket to the submitter's ROC and "Notifies" the submitter's Site. This was reported in the past by Dimitris Zilaskos and we thought it was solved, but, it seems we have to re-discuss this. Can anyone submit ggus ticket number examples please?

Action list review

ETICS tickets forgotten again, many of them in status 'assigned' for several weeks.

Reflect in the Strategy Note the EMI proposal
Done by Torsten

Present the Strategy note at the SA1 coordination meeting
Done by Torsten on 2009-12-15

Communicate to Diana and Torsten the comments to the strategy note.
Done. Doc is final. Now 'Released' in EDMS

Maria+GGUS developers for the documentation and ALL users and supporters: Set, from now on a ggus ticket revealing a bug in status 'in progress' and close no more as 'unsolved'. savannah item 112312 .

Next meeting

Maria is publishing this doodle page for date choice. We shall move to the afternoon for our american partners to be able to join.