Workshop: CERN's Open Source Components for Infor EAM

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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You are invited to a workshop on the Open Source Components for Infor EAM that have been developed by CERN during the last 7 years. 

In addition to a functional and technical overview of the tools, a number of practical examples of how these tools can be used will be presented. It will also be possible to test the applications in order to have good understanding of what they can do and how they can be configured.

Technical experts from CERN will be available in order to answer also detailed technical questions about how these tools could be deployed at your organization.    

The workshop is intended for Infor EAM administrators or advanced users with a good functional and/or technical overview of the tool.

Places are limited and registration is mandatory!

More information about the Open Source components:

Practical information for Workshop participants:
- Meeting point at the CERN Main Reception between 12.45-13.00 for a short walk to the meeting location. (
- Participants that also attend the user group meetings in the morning will be guided directly to the meeting location for the workshop. 

Registration for Workshop about CERN's Open Source Components for Infor EAM
  • Andreas Rosemann
  • Arijan Abrashi
  • Asger Bjerg
  • Banafsheh Hajinasab
  • Bas Beemsterboer
  • Caroline Distriquin
  • Cesar Miquel-España
  • Christoph Rosenthal
  • David Widegren
  • Dmitry Sadchikov
  • Domingo Nunez
  • Elena Zalem
  • Elena Zalem
  • Eleni Tournaki
  • Emilia Kongbäck
  • Florian von Söhnen
  • Francoise Chaumette
  • Hay Ilouz
  • Igor Skachko
  • Jasmina Modric
  • Jens Bucher
  • Joakim Meyer
  • Joar Torgersen
  • Jon Mortensen
  • Jose Javier Minguillon Acha
  • Karin Drinkwaard
  • Kjetil Røkeberg Andersen
  • Lars-Erik Berger
  • luca pezzali
  • Markus Lauer
  • Martijn Krijgsman
  • Mathieu Mayor
  • Maurice Lapre
  • Mercedes Larrea
  • Michael Burkhard
  • Michael Döring
  • Michael Fritsch
  • Morten Langbo
  • Ms.Priyanka Diwan
  • Ola Nanzell
  • Ole Arne Nilsen
  • Paolo AMODEO
  • Per Erik Ose
  • Peter Herzog
  • Pierre KEREVEL
  • Ralf Bergerhoff
  • Rui Malheiro
  • Sameer Makhija
  • Sara Bodecchi
  • Sigrid Knoops
  • Steffen Brieden
  • Steffen Gutzeit
  • Thomas Melchior Ytterdal
  • Timo Thomas
  • Vignesh Subramanian
  • Vivek kumar