Particle Therapy MasterClass

Yiota Foka (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE))

The Particle Therapy MasterClass demonstrates the direct impact of fundamental research on medical applications. This Masterclass Project allows participants to familiarise with the actual operation technique used for cancer treatment employing x-rays, protons or carbon ions like a physical knife directed by software programs. A first idea can be given by a demo of a professional research software toolkit matRad showing the different steps for a treatment planning for cancer therapy. 

The Particle Therapy Masterclass is integrated in the International Physics Masterclasses, a well-established outreach educational activity and flagship project of the International Particle Physics Outreach Group, IPPOG, spread around the world.

The Particle Therapy Masterclass is coordinated by GSI 


  • Adriano Garonna
  • Alberto Degiovanni
  • Alessandra Lombardi
  • Alexej Grudiev
  • Alfred Zens
  • Andrej Studen
  • Arend Glenzer
  • Barbora Bruant Gulejova
  • Bob Holland
  • Carsten P Welsch
  • Christian Carli
  • Christian Graeff
  • Christian Schömers
  • Davide Tommasini
  • Elena Benedetto
  • Enrico Felcini
  • Frédérick Bordry
  • Gianluigi Arduini
  • Grigori Shirkov
  • Hans F. Hoffmann
  • Hans Joachim Specht
  • Herwig Schopper
  • Hongwei ZHAO
  • Jacques Balosso
  • Jeff Buchsbaum
  • Jevgenijs Proskurins
  • Johanna Pitters
  • Jonas Toth
  • Jose M. Perez
  • Kenneth Long
  • Koji Noda
  • Konrad Pawel Nesteruk
  • Louis Rinolfi
  • Luca Bottura
  • Manjit Dosanjh
  • Manuela Cirilli
  • Marco Buzio
  • Marco Durante
  • Marco Pullia
  • Marco Silari
  • Marie Gauthier
  • Mark Plesko
  • Maurizio Vretenar
  • Mauro Paoluzzi
  • Norman Coleman
  • Oliver Jäkel
  • Peter Urschuetz
  • Piergiorgio Cerello
  • Roberto Orecchia
  • Sandro Rossi
  • Sanja Damjanovic
  • Siegfried Glenzer
  • Simon Jolly
  • Stefan Sorge
  • Thomas Haberer
  • Toms Torims
  • Udo Weinrich
  • Ugo Amaldi
  • Valerie Brunner
  • Xavier Pin
  • Yiota Foka
  • Yoshiyuki Iwata
  • Zhentang ZHAO