LHC OPN Meeting

Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, UK

University Arms Hotel
David Foster (CERN)
The meeting will be hosted by DANTE.
It will take place in the DARWIN room of the De Vere University Arms Hotel in Cambridge/UK.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
Information about hotels in Cambridge can be found at this site

Details for the video conference:
  • The MCU will be courtesy of SWITCH.

  • Start date/time: Fri, 12.01.2007 09:30 (CET)
  • Start date/time: Fri, 12.01.2007 08:30 (GMT)
  • Duration: 09 h 30 m
  • Number of participants: 10

  • H.323 (IP) conference dialin: 0041 80 3904736
  • H.320 (ISDN) conference dialin: 0041 44 2689800
  • SIP (IP) conference dialin: 803904736@mcu.switch.ch
  • Backup: Hungarnet MCU H.3232 (IP) *+36 100309906*