IRIS Security Workshop [Operational security tools and container training]


This workshop is intended to share experience of different tools used to support operational security. While primarily aimed at sysadmins providing IRIS services, it is intended to be relevant and interesting for any admin deploying and maintaining a production service.

The first session will consist of a set of talks from around IRIS, which will cover a range of tools and procedures. 

The second session will be a hands-on training on container security, for which you will require a modern browser and, optionally, an ssh client.

Places for this training are limited to 40, so please indicate if you wish to take part in the training when registering. 

Zoom link:

Zoom passcode: Sent to registered participants prior to the event start.

Live notes: Note that the intention of this workshop is to share experience. If in the discussions there is anything you would prefer not be entered into the public notes, please make this clear at the time.