TH String Theory Seminar

Petr Kravchuk - CFTs and Wightman axioms in higher dimensions

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Abstract:  In the modern axiomatic approach to CFT one usually assumes convergence and associativity of OPE, and then tries to derive new results from these assumptions. In particular, it is often said that all correlation functions are determined by the OPE coefficients and scaling dimensions. However, one might wonder whether the quantum field theory resulting from these correlation functions satisfies usual QFT axioms, such as Wightman axioms in Minkowski space, or Osterwalder-Schrader (OS) axioms in Euclidean space. In this talk I will give a partial answer to this question by showing that these axioms are obeyed at least up to 4-point functions. I will explain that while OS axioms follow relatively easily, extra work is required to establish Wightman axioms because the classic results connecting the two rely on additional assumptions.